Nintendo vs Sega with Emmitt Smith is a video from 2014.

Nintendo vs Sega with Emmitt Smith
Upload Date January 7th 2014
Hosts Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig is at AT&T Stadium as people are playing Madden, and is interviewing Emmitt Smith, a football god. The community is asking questions for Emmitt to answer.

The first question is about trying to break the rushing record twice by running negative yards. It was hard enough to do one time.

Did Tecmo Super Bowl correctly depict his style? No, it did not.

Which was better? Winning 3 super bowls or Dancing with the Stars? Winning Dancing with the Stars was something else, and was very different to transfer from a physical sport to dancing. 

Some people may know him more for Dancing with the Stars!

Have you ever played a Madden game yourself? It has been a long time apart from playing with his son.

SNES or Genesis? Genesis. Craig is surprised. Emmitt loved the golf game on the Genesis.

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