Nintendo Direct is a Clip of the Week from 2012.

Nintendo Direct
Cast Nick (as Reggie)
Intro Host Lauren (and Jared can be seen)
Upload Date September 8th 2012
Clip / Ad a Nintendo Direct

Synopsis Edit

Nick enters the news room to find Lauren shaking her hair around. She introduces the clip, and says damn it to Nick. The clip of the direct skips through all the features shown, and just shows Reggie. ScrewAttack have hijacked the latest Direct to show to the g1s.

Reggie (Nick) introduces himself and welcomes everyone to the Direct. He introduces himself with "My body is Reggie". He has news about the Wii U. He talks very slowly about the features that the Wii U's gamepad will offer. It will be like a Swiss army knife.

It has a screwdriver (a Wii Balance Board is shown attempting to screw a screw into the Wii), a hammer (the Balance Board hits the button from Sidescrollers), or a pair of toenail clippers (toenail clippers fall to the floor).

Their target demographic eats food, but before Reggie can talk about his favorite foods, he gets cut off. The gamepad has a built in stove, that can be shaken to begin cooking. Reggie puts a muffin on to cook.

The Wii U Gamepad can be used as a cellphone. Reggie talks on the Balance Board, having to move his face up and down the board to be able to listen and talk at the same time.

Finally, the gamepad can be used as a robotic vacuum, and the gamepad will stay relevant, by frequently adding apps as time goes on. The Balance Board gamepad moves along the floor, and someone moves their legs out of the way. The Wii U will be launching for dollars, and will have games available that can be played with.

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