Nick lost a Master Ball is a video from 2013.

Nick lost a Master Ball
Upload Date October 25th 2013
Hosts Nick
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Nick is playing on his 3DS. He got addicted to Wonder Trading in Pokémon. A few days ago, he forgot that a Sentret he had was holding his Master Ball. Nick says it doesn't matter why it was holding a Master Ball (Yes it does). And the viewer probably thinks he is an idiot (yes he is).

The point is that he lost his one time item. He found someone on Twitter, who gave him a new Master Ball. He decides to catch a Caterpie with his new Master Ball! He cheers to everyone else, as he names his Caterpie "Masterpie". Masterpie was transferred to the box that Nick called "Baby Making"!

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