Nick and Chad watch themselves play 3rd Strike against MAXIMILIAN.

Random Awesomeness: Nick and Chad's reactions to fighting MAXIMILIAN in 3rd Strike | Advantage Content
Upload Date some time in 2014
Hosts Bryan, Chad, Nick, Shaun
Series Advantage Content


Synopsis Edit

Bryan introduces the video. Nick played Maximilion in Street Fighter over the weekend. Nick didn't do so well. Nick wanted to view the footage to see what he did wrong. Shaun asks if Nick is making excuses. They watch the footage. Nick and Chad discuss what Nick did wrong. Shaun's legs are cramping so he can no longer hold the camera. Maximilion insults Nick.

Chad wants to see his match, which he nearly won. They watch Chad's match. Chad would have won if he didn't miss the last combo. Max says that it was a good match. Max finds out that it was Chad. Chad feels good about it. Nick is salty.

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