Nick tries out a twinkie wiener sandwich.

Nick Eats A Twinkie Wiener Sandwich
Upload Date September 28th 2013
Hosts Craig, Nick, Brad
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig didn't see Nick there! At the Comikaze Expo in LA, Nick attempts to eat a Twinkie Wiener sandwich. Craig orders the sandwich and tries to show it to the camera, but he drops it on the counter.

Brad serves it to him. Nick doesn't want to eat it now that it has been on the counter. Nick can taste different things at different times. Nick rates it, but gives it a confusing score. Nick scores it 6/10th of a mustache. Nick likes how it tastes. Nick and Brad make Weird Al jokes as Nick continues to eat it. Nick finishes it and says he wouldn't try that combination again.

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