Nick's Intervention is a Clip of the Week from 2009. This clip turns an old Quote of the Week into a Clip of the Week.

Nick's Intervention
Cast Chad, Nick, Ben, Bryan, Destin
Intro Host Chad
Upload Date some time in 2009 (mid-February due to them celebrating their third year anniversary)
Clip / Ad Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Anniversary

Solar Fox


Synopsis Edit

To celebrate their third year anniversary, they decide to take an old Quote of the Week, and turn it into a current Clip of the Week. Chad is annoyed by the woman in the clip who is freaking out on the most trivial problems. How is she qualified to be in space.

Chad asks Nick to hand him a medium sized T-shirt. Nick starts panicking while eating popcorn as all of the T-shirts are gone. He asks Chad what are they going to do, and spills his popcorn all over Chad. Chad, who is now annoyed tells him to get a shirt from another pile.

Ben walks in and the battery in his camera has died. Nick pops out of nowhere, begins panicking (and holding his popcorn), and takes the battery off of Ben and asks him what are they going to do. Ben takes the battery back, and informs Nick that he will charge it, and get a new one.

Bryan has a Video Game Vault to do today. Nick comes up behind him, spits popcorn at the computer, and begins to panic. He tells Bryan that he won't get the video done and will get fired. Nick spills popcorn everywhere. Bryan gets frustrated at Nick and yells at him stating that he will play the game, write a script and get the video done. Nick cowers on the floor, before running away.

Chad, Ben and Bryan get together and Chad states that they have a problem. Nick jumps up and begins panicking wondering what's going on and who's dying! Chad, who is sick of this, tells Nick that he has a plan on what he is going to do. Nick is nervous.

Chad, Ben and Bryan begin kicking Nick on the floor. Bryan takes his popcorn, while the other two say that Nick will need to go to the hospital. The three of them leave. 

There is one piece of popcorn n front of Nick. He goes to eat it, but Destin stands on it.

Trivia Edit

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