Nick has to dress up as a clown and get pied.

Nick's Day of HELL
Upload Date some time in 2014
Hosts Shaun, Craig, John, Parker, Chad, Sean, Sam, Austin, Ben, Bryan, Nick
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Shaun prepares a cream pie. Craig says that neither of them came up with the idea and that they love him.

The previous day, everyone is meeting organizing the plot. Shaun talks about the pie. Nick unlocks the door to the office. Shaun walks past him and pies him. Sean doesn't know about the pie, and gets it on his shoes. Austin informs Sean of what is happening. Sean saw Nick look really sad. Shaun informs the others that it is not over yet.

Back to the previous day, Craig continues to plot. Nick returns to the office and sees the clown outfit. He wonders where Ben's Peach costume is. Ben reminds Nick of the speedo video. Chad reminds Nick of the pumpkin pie challenge. The loser was suppose to eat the rest of the pie, but Nick took it home to his parents. Chad explains more to Nick.

Back to the previous day, Chad is plotting, and John plans to murder Nick! Nick will be a clown for the day. He is not pleased, but shrugs it off. Chad makes clown jokes.

They go out for lunch. Sam plans to drive Nick, and plans a pieing in his car. They drive to the foodcourt and have lunch. They plan a drive-by pie! Shaun prepares to pie Nick. When they stop in traffic, Shaun gets out of the car and pies Nick. Everyone laughs. Chad comments how Nick didn't even try to do anything. Craig wonders who thought of this. Everyone states what they all contributed.

Ben wants another pie to come but it never does. Chad and Bryan sneak up on Nick. Bryan shows Nick a cable saying that it won't hurt him. Nick becomes paranoid.

Nick tries to pie Shaun as he comes out of the office, but he blocks it. Nick chases Shaun around the car park.

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