New Super Mario Bros. Wii Race Challenge
Upload Date May 10th 2012?
Hosts Sam, Sean, Nick
Series Random Awesomeness


Sam, Sean and Nick had races in New Super Mario Bros Wii, where the losers must surrender control of their Twitter accounts with the most embarrassing tweet they could come up with. Sean was Luigi, Sam was Mario and Nick was Toad.

Synopsis Edit

Nick, Sam and Sean are having a New Super Mario Bros Wii Challenge. Instead of competing for points, they will race to the flag pole in 3 levels. Whoever wins can access second places Twitter account, and the same for second to third.

They play on the first stage. Nick doesn't want Sean's bubble popped, but pops it himself. Sam is the only one in play, and falls off a ledge. They start from halfway, and Nick throws off Sean. They all fall off the edge together. Sean is the only one to make it to the flag, so second is decided b Sam not popping Nick's bubble.

They head to 3-1. They all die to the first penguin! Sean races in front with the penguin power up. Sam and Nick push each other into a hole. Sean wins, and Nick comes second. Sam has only just started on Twitter. Sam and Nick discuss how many followers they have.

Nick gets pushed into a koopa. Nick runs out of lives. Nick tries to throw a green shell at the others. They throw bombs at each other. Nick jumps off of Sean to make it to the end first as Sean dies.

Sean has 8, Nick has 6, and Sam has 4. Nick keeps on mixing up Sean and Sam's name. Sean tags a lot of people on Twitter with #pornstars. The best Nick could come up with was "Hey @BraConsultant my bra fastened in tightest row of hook... is band too big? Do I get bigger bra? #boobs".

Nick came second, but was the biggest loser.

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