Nick, Corey and Jose competed in another Mustache Challenge in 2009. The games were Contra, F-Zero and an unknown game. Unfortunately, only part 2 is currently available to watch on the site.

Mustache Challenge 2009
Upload Date some time in 2009
Hosts Craig, Nick, Corey, Jose
Series Random Awesomeness


Round 1 Edit

Contra: 1st - Nick, 2nd - Jose, 3rd - Corey

Round 2 Edit

Nick cheated last time by using the Konami Code. Corey cries after continuing out. Nick 3, Corey 1, Jose 2

They move onto F-Zero, and battle for the fastest time. Nick's mom will not be happy. Nick struggles and Jose taunts Nick. Nick bumps into all the other cars. His time is 2.32.18.

Corey doesn't move off the starting line! This could be really close. Corey beats Nick's time. Her time is 2.27.27. Corey taunts Nick. Jose is not worried. Jose hits a wall, but has control of the car. His time is 2.22.81. Jose wins.

After the second round, the scores were: Jose 5, Nick 4, Jose 3.

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