Moral Choices is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Moral Choices
Cast Destin, Dan (from Life in a Game), Jose, Jared, Ben, Craig
Intro Host Destin
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad inFAMOUS

Synopsis Edit

After making a review for inFAMOUS, he and Jared thought that the choices that the character makes are ridiculous. Shoot a guy in the head or telling him his wife is dead? Those thoughts are similar to what the staff face when they have visitors.

Destin meets Dan (from Life in a Game) at the entry to the HQ. Dan asks if he can hang out with the crew. Destin has to decide whether he lets Dan in and play games, or slash his tyres and piss in his gas tank. Destin is then seen pissing in Dan's gas tank.

Dan meets Jose and asks him if he can have some of Jose's drink. Jose has to decide whether he lets Dan have some of his drink, or punch him in the stomach and put his balls in Dan's face. He then punches Dan and puts his balls in Dan's face.

Dan sees Jared in the hall, and asks to do another project with him after how successful the Life in a Game / Nametags crossover went. Jared has to decide between doing another project with Dan, or burying the box he is holding with kittens in it in the backyard. He goes and buries the box with the kittens.

Dan sees Ben editing and asks if he could help editing his videos. Ben has to decide whether to let Dan help to take less time, or belittle him to the point of suicide. Ben then belittles Dan on how terrible his show is and that he is bad at editing, and that he has a stupid face and should kill himself. Ben then tells Dan to get out.

Dan is upset as he walks into Craig's office. Craig has to decide whether to play games to make Dan feel better, or shoot him in the chest, cut off his head, put his head in a box and mail it to an orphanage, and then burn the orphanage down as he laughs manically.

He agrees to play some games, but as he leaves, he pulls out a gun.

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