Mogg "Slothman" is a sloth puppet that has been seen during Chad and Sam's ScrewAttack Live series. The puppet belongs to Austin and is a puppet from his childhood and means a lot to him. Chad likes to take advantage of this by making Mogg act in an inappropriate way. Mogg is usually voiced by Sam.

The name Mogg comes from a Warchief in Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, which Sam and Chad played on ScrewAttack Live. The crowd in the game chants "Mogg! Mogg! Mogg!", which became popular with the chat. When asked what the name of the puppet should be called, Mogg was overwhelmingly popular.

Mogg was seen in several ScrewAttack Live episodes with Sam and Chad after his introduction in the Shadow of Mordor series. His most famous moment is hitting Chad in the eye, which Chad could feel for a long time. However, Mogg wasn't seen for a long time. He then made his long awaited return in the Mario Maker ScrewAttack Live series with Craig.

In 2017, Mogg became the center of a Screwattack marketing campaign for their line of T-shirts. The crew threaten to cook and eat Mogg if the line of shirts don't sell.

Mogg can be seen on the desk of several episodes of The Industry sitting on Austin's desk.

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