Modern Warfare 2 Trailer Analysis is a joke analysis from 2009.

Modern Warfare 2 Trailer Analysis
Upload Date around August 19th 2009
Hosts Destin, Jose, Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Destin introduces the video, as they are about to analyse the Modern Warfare 2 trailer. They freeze on an "f'd up truck". Destin shouts that the guy on the screen knows the game will be awesome, as he gives a thumbs up.

Destin wonders why the viewer is watching this video when they should be pre-ordering the game. Craig and Jose also yell to buy it.

Destin points out the American flag. The houses get blown up.

This game is so hardcore that flights are delayed. The trio agree that this is actually pretty normal.

This game is so hardcore that players will be kicking ass in the ocean! Players can kick ass in the dark. Craig wants to play with glow sticks.

Destin says that reloading is important. Eminem also loves this game. Craig doesn't like small inconvenient gaps.

It's possible to ride a snow mobile in the snow. They also get to blow up a castle. There is a lot of bitch-slapping.

It is possible to fight on satellites, as this is modern warfare. You can own Russians in space! And boats!

Snow is also in this game, and they hate snow! They all yell and end the video by telling the viewer to pre-order at GameAttack.

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