Misplaceable Ops is the fourth episode of Metal Gear Ben.

Misplaceable Ops
Cast Ben, Destin, James Rolfe, Chad, Nick, Craig, Corey, Tucker Stephen, Austin Hargrave (PeanutButterGamer), Matt Moody, Phillip Atkins, Dillon Dingman
Commentary Cast Ben, Nick, Chad
Upload Date January 25th 2010


Synopsis Edit

Colonel Corey makes a Previously On segment summarizing the events of the previous episode.

Destin approaches Iron Cog Ben and fills him in on the fact that Ben escaped, and the bomb was tripped, destroying the base. The Lolazer was retrieved however. Destin notices that Iron Cog is distracted playing Pokémon. Mega Mantis appears and informs Iron Cog that his toxin is ready. Iron Cog gives the toxin to Chad to attack Ben with.

Meanwhile, Ben is writing a script for The Scoop. He needs to ask Jose for an example of a game with a game with a bad camera system. He looks around trying to find Jose, and even looks in the fridge, in a rubbish bin, in a Stormtrooper helmet and other silly places.

He scares Octagon who is at a desk, and he falls out of his chair. He walks into Craig's office and sees him with Chad, holding paper and scissors. Craig covers himself by saying that they are making paper submarines, and they play with them.

Craig introduces Ben to Chad (Gayden), and gets him to do a Sean Connery impression. Craig says that Chad is the new "Yes Man". Craig (while holding more scissors) tells Ben to give Chad a tour of the office, as he likes Chad more than Ben already.

Chad tries to convince Ben to inject himself with the toxin. Ben is suspicious by the word 'Danger' on it. Chad convinces Ben by saying that Darkwing Duck used it. Chad tells Ben that he has to inject it into Ben's knee. Ben tries to leave, but falls to the ground. Chad admits that he has never used it before. He asks Ben if he is going to put his costume on, but Ben doesn't want to as it takes 40 minutes to put the full costume on. He just goes with the headband and power glove, and drags his leg along the ground. It seems to be feeling better, but he falls over again.

Ben is out on the street, and asks people if they have seen Jose. However, he touches them, which causes them to fall to the ground and choke to death. Ben thinks this is weird, but continues. He finds two guys attempting to break into a car. He touches one of them to ask if they have seen Jose, and one dies. The other, flees. He sees one guy with an ice cream. When he is touched, he throws the ice cream to the ground, and Ben yells "No!"

Ben takes the ice cream for himself. He brofists a guy who says that he will look out for Jose, and he dies too. Ben paces down the street with the ice cream, and throws it to the ground.

Ben calls Corey to ask why everyone is dying. She finds it oddly satisfying. Octagon interrupts and says that he has seen this before. It is the X-Virus. Corey says not to interrupt, as she will turn his Wii into a paper weight. The X-Virus was originally called the T-Virus, but they got sued for copyright infringement, so they had to change it. They even tested it out on Octagon's turtle!

Octagon says that the virus can only be spread by an injection. Ben yells out for Chad. Chad states that he didn't know. Some guys just told Chad to inject it into Ben. Chad describes Destin, Iron Cog, and Mega Mantis, and begs Ben to forgive him. Ben asks Craig if he has been listening. Ben asks if he knows where Jose is. Craig says that he hasn't been listening, and that Jose is on vacation, and that Ben should get back to work. Chad wants to help Ben find the antidote, but Ben won't let him because Ben hates Chad. Chad hangs his head in shame.

Destin gives the news to Iron Cog. Iron Cog demands for Destin to bring Corey to him. Once he realizes that Destin has left, he goes back to playing Pokémon.

New Codec Numbers Edit

Octagon - 534.87.

Chad - 541.71. This spells shiti, or "shitty".

Credits Edit

Starring Edit

Starring Edit

Music Edit

  • Jake Evans
  • Luke Eveland
  • James "JOT" O'Toole
  • Thomas King
  • Douglas Lida
  • Brian Farmer
  • Ben White
  • Isaac Mendoza
  • Sportacus
  • Jeff Conwi

Camera Operators Edit

  • Ben Singer
  • Nick Cramer

Boom Operators Edit

  • Ben Singer
  • Nick Cramer

Teleprompter Edit

Asst. Director Edit

  • Nick Cramer

Official Artwork Edit

  • Mike Scally

Primary Composers Edit

  • Marc Marta
  • Tansunn Kitsuki

Motion Graphics Edit

  • Jake Singer

Written, directed, and edited by Edit

  • Ben Singer

Commentary Edit

The first scene on this episode was filmed just days before it had to air, and was a really cold day. The DS shown is Ben's actual DS, and he added it because the colors are the same as Iron Cog's costume. This whole scene was written in for the Pokémon joke.

Ben's favorite Star Wars coloring book first seen in Competitive Co-op is seen. Chad discusses Fable, who is the guy in front of the toilet that was introduced by Jared.

Chad was trying to make the Mega Man X submarine for the scene with Craig. Ben forces Chad to talk like Sean Connery. The X-Virus is clear in this scene, as is green later in the series.

It actually does take Ben a long time to put the full costume on. They discuss the g1 montage, including the appearance of PeanutButterGamer, and Nick's friend, who wore a Santa suit for his part.

Ben had to clean up the ice cream using the script. X stands for Extreme, which is why it was chosen. There is a reference to Nick's real turtle in this episode. Ben corrects himself by saying that the final scene was the one written in later.

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