Milo is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Cast Chad (Peter Molyneux), Destin, Ben (Milo), Jose (Mijo)
Intro Host none
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad none - however it was based on Project Milo

Synopsis Edit

Chad (Peter Molyneux complete with accent!) introduces the viewer to the new Milo, and what was at E3 was only an early version of it.

Destin walks into the room with the new Milo game (Ben) on the TV. Ben says hi to Destin, and Destin tells him to shut up, because he wants to watch TV. Milo suggests to watch his TV within the TV. Destin says that he wants to watch TB without Milo in it, and that Milo should go into the corner and die.

In the next demo, Milo shows off his A+ that he got on his report. Destin is angered by the fact that Will and Grace was interrupted for this stupid demo, and he wonders who set this demo up. Milo starts to cry. Destin threatens to kill him.

Destin writes a note to Milo telling him to do what is written. Milo doesn't want to do "it" again. Milo says that he is going to get some goggles for Destin. Destin isn't convinced that these virtual goggles and rants about how stupid this is, when suddenly a pair of goggles hits him in the eye.

Chad then introduces the viewer to the new character, Mijo (Jose). Milo is frightened by Mijo. Destin likes this new guy.

Destin walks in on Jose giving Milo a nookie. Destin wants them to fight to the death, and scans a Master Sword into the game, which Milo receives. However, before Milo can do anything, Mijo pulls out a gun and shoots Milo.

Destin asks Mijo where he got a gun. Mijo claims it came with the DLC. Destin wants to turn the game off, but Mijo points the gun at him and demands to have Destin's wallet. Mijo is angered by the fact that Destin is only carrying five dollars and asks him how he can affort it. Destin replies that he can't.

Destin needs to turn the game off, but Mijo won't let him. Destin simply pulls the plug. Chad reveals that he is afraid of Mijo, and that he probably shouldn't have been invented.

After Destin leaves the room, the XBox 360 turns itself back on.

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