Michael Bay's Zelda is a Clip of the Week from 2012.

Michael Bay's Zelda
Cast Sam, Shelby, Craig, Drake
Intro Host Bryan
Upload Date March 24th 2012
Clip / Ad none

Synopsis Edit

Everyone has been angry about the TMNT Aliens thing, but ScrewAttack has found a Michael Bay trailer for a Legend of Zelda adaption that fans would be furious about.

The Dreamworks and Paramount titles are shown. Craig (Ganondorf), Sam (Link), Shelby (Zelda), and Drake (Old Man) are in a classroom. Craig flicks Sam's hair. Sam talks to Drake about asking Shelby to the prom, and Craig tells him that he doesn't have the balls to.

Craig says that he can always be stronger. Sam runs with Shelby down a hallway, and dance on a football field. They walk together, discussing how Shelby was failing Spanish. Sam asks her to the prom, and she accepts. She has a present for him. It is Link's cap. Craig pushes him down to the ground, stating that he will go to the prom with Shelby. He picks her up and carries her away. Sam picks up his hat and goes after her.

Sam gets into his car (Epona), and is stopped by Drake, who gives him a gun called The Master (The Master Sword). Sam drives away. He drives down the road.

Craig forces Shelby to go with him. Sam does several forward rolls. Craig pushes Drake against a locker. Sam throws a pot, and it explodes. Craig tears off his jacket and yells. Craig continues pulling Shelby, when Sam jumps in. He threatens Craig with the gun.

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