Mexi-Con is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Cast Bryan, Ben, Nick, Chad, Jose, Destin
Intro Host Chad
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad

Synopsis Edit

When Chad is doing the intro, he points out that they do check the suggestions occasionally. Surely not all the people in the clip knew what the guy was saying. This clip is what the crew would expect this conversation would go down in real life.

Nick says he loves Mexico, while Bryan loves sombreros. Nick loves hot sauce and assumes it is Hispanic. Chad says he loves tequila. Jose can hear the conversation from the other side of a window and is pissed off at their ignorance. Destin and Ben enter the room and join the conversation. Ben mentions maracas, and everybody pretends to play them. Nick mentions something Spanish, but everybody else agrees that it is close enough.

Jose busts in, and yells at them in Spanish for being idiots, and tells Bryan to take his sombrero off. Bryan thinks Jose is saying that Jose likes his sombrero. Nick proudly says "Please stand clear of the doors" in Spanish. After a moment of confused silence, Jose continues to tell Nick to shut up in Spanish. He angrily leaves, while everyone else waves. Ben is excited by the fact that Jose is bilingual. Chad comes up with an idea to start a convention about Mexico called Mexi-Con. Jose re-enters the room with a mexican-wrestling mask on.

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