Metal Gear Ben Origins is a Clip of the Week from 2008. It is also the first of two videos that inspired the Metal Gear Ben series.

Metal Gear Ben Origins
Cast Craig, Ben, Nick, Jose
Intro Host Craig
Upload Date March 14th 2008
Clip / Ad Metal Gear Solid

Synopsis Edit

This clip brings back tough memories for Craig. High-school Ben walks in front of a green screen being way too confident, and pretends to fly. Craig calls him into his office. Ben gets his arms (wings) caught on the door as he enters. Craig asks Ben to go and get some food from Jose. Ben obliges. Nick steps in and queries why Craig sent Ben, who replies with that he sent Ben on a suicide mission.

Ben walks in on Jose "multitasking". He is eating chips and playing Pac Man at the same time. Ben stealthily crawls along the floor towards Jose. Ben puts his hand across to grab some food, but Jose sees him and grabs his arm. Jose eats Ben. Jose comments that Ben tasted like chicken. Craig walks in and sees Ben's jacket on the ground. "Ben? Ben? BEEEEEEEEEEEN!"

Alternative Thumbnails Edit

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