Metal Gear is a Choose Your Own Adventure from 2013.

Metal Gear
Upload Date February 23rd 2013
Hosts Sam (main, Sam's), Craig (main, Craig and Bryan's), Bryan (main, Sam's, Craig and Bryan's), Sean (main, Sean's), Lauren (Sean's), Ben (Craig and Bryan's)
Series Choose Your Own Adventure

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Synopsis Edit

Sean is playing the new Metal Gear game on the PlayStation 3 while Sam, Craig and Bryan watch. Craig appears bored, and says that Sean is excellent at this game. The others agree. Craig begins rambling and doesn't know what he is talking about. Craig ponders what ScrewAttack would be like if it was Metal Gear. Everyone thinks about it.

Sean Edit

Sean is explaining to Lauren why she would like Metal Gear Rising Revengence. However, Sean is a cyborg, and doesn't have control of his arms. As Sean is explaining the game, his hands poke him in the face, scratch his chest and wipe his face, as well as swinging around.

Sean explains how the sword blade gets smaller. Sean has a scratch behind his ear. The hand tries to scratch it, but can't reach it. Sean explains that the scratch is his other ear. The hand gives up and starts scratching Sean's nipple instead, to Sean's displeasure.

Lauren meanwhile is staring at Sean baffled. Sean begins beating his chest.

Sam Edit

Sam enters the office and informs Bryan that he has become a cyborg. Bryan can't see the difference. Sam says that he will understand one day. Sam goes to the bathroom and loud noises and metallic clanking sounds can be heard before the toilet flushes.

Craig and Bryan Edit

Craig introduces Out of the Box with Bryan. They are looking at the Prestige edition of the new Metal Gear game. They haven't even opened it up yet. The box is huge! Bryan cuts the box open, and they both open the box, only to reveal a dead Metal Gear Ben. Craig and Bryan are stunned as they close the box. They look around, before Craig says that Ben is dead.