Mega Evolutions is a Clip of the Week from 2013.

Mega Evolutions
Cast Bryan, John, Parker, Sean, Nick, Chad, Craig
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date August 17th 2013
Clip / Ad none

Synopsis Edit

Pokemon X and Y are coming out and they feature Mega Evolution. Nintendo copied the idea from an experience that ScrewAttack had.

Bryan is at his laptop, and he reaches for his beard. He becomes sad as he sees his box of beard. John tells him that he needs to move on. He goes into his draws and finds a mega stone. He evolves into Bearded Bryan.

Parker has turned 18, and he can now buy cigarettes, go to R rated movies and go to strip clubs. Nick enters and gives Parker his mail. He has a jury summons, and a lot of bills. Nick opened one of them because he is nosy, and welcomes Parker to the real world. 

Sean has come into contact with a Mega Stone, and wants to show Bryan and Parker what he gained from it. Sean puts his impressively large dick on the table. Parker says that he thought he heard something about Darksiders 3, and Sean becomes aroused. His dick knocks Chad out. Sean faints. Bryan and Parker leave the room.

Nick finds the mega stone. Bryan later enters, opens the drawer, but can't find the mega stone. Suddenly, the building starts to shake, and Nick's head plummets towards the city from the sky in the same way as the moon from Majora's Mask.

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