Meet Call of Duty Hank is a video from 2007.

Meet Call of Duty Hank
Upload Date some time in 2007
Hosts Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig is interviewing Hank. He is a military fighter. Hank discusses his history in the military, and discusses what he did. He states that you need to be "as hard as woodpecker lips" in order to be at war. He was worried that he would be around a group of pasty faced nerds when he joined the development team.

He noticed there was a large amount of alcohol involved. He talks about the voice acting, and Craig mentions that you won't hear anyone say "Rad, dude" or anything like that. He mentions that you could be shooting aliens or weird monsters. Hank also mentions that getting hit produces a red pain effect, allowing the player to take several hits.

Craig asks what Hank thinks of the words "Tank swipe" while smiling. Hank knows that this is the move where the characters attack through the crotch. He states that he would certainly not want to be the receiver of that kind of attack. Craig thanks Hank for allowing him to be interviewed.

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