The Mario Troll-off was a competition within the staff to see how who was the best troll in New Super Mario Bros U. In this game, one player would try to progress through a level of the game while the other player used the tablet, trying to trap, kill and slow down their opponent. Nick and Chad hosted, with Craig shouting behind the camera. Craig and Nick came up with the idea at E3 while playing the game.

There were three ways of winning:

  1. Have less deaths than your opponent.
  2. If the number of deaths is tied, whoever was fastest wins.
  3. If a player runs out of time in game, they are disqualified.

Round 1 - Ben vs Bryan Edit

Mario Troll-Off: Round 1 - Ben vs Bryan
Upload Date December 2012
Hosts Chad, Bryan, Ben, Nick, Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Chad and Nick discusses how Nick and Craig came up with the idea of the troll off within seconds. Ben points to himself as being the biggest troll. Chad and Nick explain the rules, and they play in Acorns Plains-3. Ben will hinder Bryan first. Nick has the 'sports' watch.

Bryan starts as Mario first. Ben does not have a good start. Bryan runs all the way back to the start! Bryan gets Yoshi. Bryan slowly makes progress. Bryan is killed by a mole, and has to go back to the beginning. Bryan is killed by another mole at the start. Bryan makes it through the moles and gets halfway. Ben kills a mole, but Bryan is killed by another one further up. Bryan runs past the moles. Chad gets excited as Bryan is on the home stretch and makes it to the end. 8 minutes, 20 seconds and 3 deaths.

Now, it is Ben's turn. Bryan and Ben hit each other! Ben somehow avoids the first mole. Bryan traps Ben, and he dies at the piranha plant. Ben gets a second death against a mole. Nick starts spinning the watch, and Chad warns that Nick will break something. Ben gets trapped by a large amount of moles. Ben gets four deaths, so Bryan wins. Everyone is afraid of Bryan's trolling skills.

Round 1 - Sam vs Drake Edit

Video is unavailable

Round 1 - Craig vs Nick Edit

Mario Troll-Off: Round 1 - Craig vs Nick
Upload Date December 2012
Hosts Nick, Chad, Craig, Bryan
Series Random Awesomeness


The crew introduce the video. Craig wants Nick to hurry up and start trolling. Craig is on the tablet, while Nick controls Mario. Nick makes fun of Ben's performance. Craig admits that he isn't doing very good. Nick is now worried about Bryan. Nick kills a plant with a plant. Nick taunts as Craig's blocks help him. Nick uses fireballs to get through a bunch of enemies. Nick gets chased by a mole, but eventually kills it. Nick makes it to the end in 3 minutes, 16 seconds. Nick is untrollable!

It is now Craig's turn. Craig gets stuck next to a pipe, but he makes it through. Craig gets killed by a mole after Nick destroys a mushroom.

Round 1 - Chad vs Sean Edit

Chad plays Sean in the first round of the troll-off. They play on Acorn Palms-3. Chad is playing as Mario with the controller, while Sean has the tablet. Chad has to work to get a mushroom, which is gone already once he hits a monty. Chad dies on a monty mole. Chad rides on Yoshi, and he wants to end on the top of the pole. He takes 4:27, and has one death.

Mario Troll-Off: Round 1 - Chad vs Sean
Upload Date December 2012
Hosts Nick, Chad, Sean, Sam, Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Nick wants to quickly start the timer. Sean starts his run. Chad destroys the mushroom. Sean gets Yoshi. Sean ditches Yoshi and gets to the flag. Chad blocks Sean from getting another Yoshi. Sean almost falls off, and is then killed by a monty. Sean gets a mushroom, and Chad gives Sean platforms. Sean desperately avoids moles, but eventually they kill them. Chad wins, but Sean almost had it.

Sean says how he got stuck. Nick and Chad end the video. Chad and Sam taunt each other.

Round 2 Edit

Nick has the troll pad. Bryan is surprised that Nick is afraid of him. Chad tries to introduce the rules, and has to yell over the others.

They play in Acorn Plains 1. Sam explains how well Bryan and Nick played in their first round. Bryan jumps out of a hole. Bryan runs past Nick's trolling. Craig wants to have lost to the best. Craig panics when Bryan is already at the end. Bryan took 2 minutes and 24 seconds.

Mario Troll-Off: Round 2!
Upload Date December 2012
Hosts Chad, Bryan, Nick, Sam, Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Nick has to give up on the mushroom. Nick finds a secret, but it has a dead end, and as he tries to get out, he falls into a pit and dies. Bryan wins.

It is now Sam and Chad. Chad helps Sam get past a koopa. Sam dies on a squirrel. Sam has to start over. Craig taunts Nick for being sad. Craig and Nick argue. Sam saves himself from dying by using the acron power to grab onto a wall, and then lose it. Sam makes it to the end in 3 minutes and 46 seconds with one death.

It is now Chad's turn. Chad plays sportsmanlike and takes a hit as he started big. Chad gets halfway faster then Sam did. Chad flies over the stage! Chad makes it to the top of the flag in 1 minute 55 seconds.

Chad and Bryan advance to the finals.

Results and final Edit

Round 1 - Acorns Plains 3 Edit

Ben vs Bryan

Bryan - 3 deaths, 8 mins 20 sec

Ben - 4 deaths (DNF)

Craig vs Nick

Nick - 0 deaths, 3 mins 16 sec

Craig - 1 death (DNF)

Drake vs Sam

Sam - 2 deaths, 3 mins, 41 sec

Drake - 3 deaths (DNF)

Chad vs Sean

Chad - 1 death, 4 mins 27 sec

Sean - 2 deaths (DNF)

Round 2 - Acorn Plains 1 Edit

Bryan vs Nick

Bryan - 0 deaths, 2 mins 24 sec

Nick - 1 death (DNF)

Sam vs Chad

Sam - 1 death, 3 mins 46 sec

Chad - 0 deaths, 1 min 55 sec

Final - Unknown Edit

Bryan vs Chad

The final was never aired. According to Craig and Chad on Sidescrollers, it took over an hour for the game to end. Chad won, but the full results were never released.

Trivia Edit

  • Chad was the only competitor to win while playing second. He did this twice, once against Sam, and once again Bryan to win overall.

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