Ben and Chad continue to get attacked by random enemies, Ben is attacked by every trap, and they both lose their sidekicks.

Magic Sword: Sight Beyond Sight (Part 3) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date January 1st 2014
Hosts Chad, Ben
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

The game keeps on speeding through the level. They get attacked by giant worms. Chad and Ben get a Flame Sword and a Fire Axe. They are continuing to get higher in the tower. Ben finds that the bats flying around hurt him. A boulder runs them over. Ben is determined to get a chest even if he dies doing it.

Ben becomes poisoned from a scorpion. Chad finds a trap and gets hit by boulders. Chad battles a sea horse of doom. The game continues to speed up. Ben goes into a door, and Chad yells at him for not trying to find the secret door. They find a giant Arthur. Chad gets an awesome ninja sidekick. The character climbs the tower and makes random observations!

Chad accidentally activates a trap, but it hits Ben. The characters reveal that they are searching for the magic sword. Chad and Ben have to run away from jellyfish coming for them. Chad is annoyed by having bears guarding every door. Both Chad and Ben lose their sidekicks. Ben's griffon sidekick returns.

Chad accidentally removes blocks, not allowing them to jump up to the next area. Chad finds a fairy that grabs food. They come across another boss. They meet a fusion dragon.

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