Ben gets attacked by chests, while Chad walks through fire, and a fat man turns into a dragon.

Magic Sword: Raining Money (Part 2) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date December 31st 2013
Hosts Chad, Ben
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Welcome to the epic journey of lizardmen! The characters hear water. Ben wonders why this high up. The jump across platforms in a sewer level. Enemies are everywhere. They fight water dragons. Ben gets a fire mage. A fat naked guy turns into a chimera. They get a broad sword and a broad axe for beating the boss.

The next area has boulders and swinging balls. They have to keep on moving. Ben has a feeling that this game is much more complex then they think it is. Ben opens a gate, but it is a trap and he gets attacked by skeletons. He loses his sidekick, only to get it back moments later.

Chad struggles to open a door. A character hears wind, wondering what it was! Turns out the wind was from a dragon! Ben gets a griffon man for a second,and wonders where it went. Chad desperately wants to get to some treasure chest, but Chad gets them all. Ben always gets the trap doors as boulders fall from the sky!

Ben keeps on finding chests that explode! Chad is attacked by a sword in a chest. He sees something to the left where there is fire. He falls into it. Chad gets invulnerability after the item fell into the fire. He is disappointed that he didn't run through the fire, as there was a chest down there. Chad finds scissors. Chad saves Ben from being attacked from a fire lizard. Mummies do a lot of damage.

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