Chad and Ben play Magic Sword. A dungeon fighting game with lots of boss fights and sidekicks.

Magic Sword: No Pants (Part 1) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date December 30th 2013
Hosts Chad, Ben
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Chad and Ben will go into another arcade game. Ben has never played Magic Sword, and Chad has probably only played once. Ben is playing as an axe guy with no pants. Chad works out how to charge his sword. Golden bears start attacking them. Ben has a sidekick. Chad gets a sidekick as well. A chimera attacks them, and it kills Ben's girl. The first level is beaten.

Chad gets a Falchion, and Ben gets a battle axe. They move into a tower. They find a ninja following them! This game is awesome! Chad has a white mage following him. They fight Easter Island heads! Chad hates the challengers and wants to get them off the screen. A guy in a cage says "Get rid of me". Chad likes the odd variety of enemies. Ben and Chad are impressed by the game as they find some platforming elements. They fight a dragon. With the dragon defeated, they get a samurai sword and a halberd.

The game isn't difficult, but it is fun. There are thorns and spikes everywhere. Chad and Ben panic, but they make it out of the level. Chad tries to read the story, but misses the last part, and is worried about what a lizardman might do to him. The game gets chaotic with so much on the screen. Chad falls into a purple swamp.

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