MAGcon is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

Cast Nick (as Tommy), Destin, Bryan, Jose, Ben, Ryan
Intro Host Tommy the Toucan
Upload Date January 15th 2011
Clip / Ad Jon St John at MAGFest

Synopsis Edit

Who needs MAGFest when you have MAGCon? Tommy covers the convention.

Tommy tries to go into the convention. Destin stops him, stating that it is $50 to get in. Tommy states that he is press. Destin now charges $60!

Tommy asks Bryan about the convention. Bryan talks about the art on the wall. Bryan holds a knife.

Jose stops Tommy asking for his badge. Jose is the fun police, and has to kick Tommy out if he doesn't have his badge. Tommy tells Jose that the registration guy is having a party. Jose is angry that someone is having fun and gets out his fun stick!

Tommy checks out Ben at the arcade cabinet. Ben is listening to a shower radio! The music sounds like a guy making fart noises. Tommy smashes the radio, and Ben calls for the fun police. Tommy puts the radio back up. Ben yells at Tommy for breaking it. Now it sounds like a guy making fart noises!

Tommy wants to use the restroom, and finds Bryan, who wants to talk about more artwork!

Tommy wants to talk to girls, but Ryan is the only attendee, so he interviews Ryan instead. Ryan thinks MAGCon is boring. He is so bored that he dies! Destin asks if he is actually dead.

Tommy comments that MAGCon kind of sucked.

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