Lootcrate retro game challenge

The Lootcrate Retro Game Challenge was a competition between internet personalities. The four competitors competed in Columns, Super Smash TV and Sonic the Hedgehog. The games were chosen at random by Craig spinning a wheel.

The competitors were Jay from Game Chasers, Billy from Game Chasers, Michael from GameTrailers and Hybrid Rain from the ScrewAttack g1 community.

Columns Edit

A Genesis Classic | Lootcrate Retro Game Challenge Game #1
Upload Date January 17th 2015
Hosts Craig, Gerardo, Billy (Game Chasers), Jay (Game Chasers), Michael (GameTailers)
Series Random Awesomeness


Craig introduces the video. They have nine games they could play, and are deciding which ones they will play with a wheel. The four competitors are introduced including two members of Game Chasers, Michael from GameTrailers, and Gerardo. Craig asks if anyone wants to spin the wheel, and does it himself.

Columns is the first game chosen. Billy is up first. Billy is annoyed about going first. This is the game he didn't want to play. Jay taunts Billy. Billy struggles with the game. He gets the special blocks, removing all the green blocks. He gets 8745 points.

Billy considers that a respectable score. The game gifts Jay his first points. Billy and Jay argue the whole time. Jay falls short of Billy's score. Jay had 8711 points. There were 34 points between them! Craig can't believe how close it was - Jay choked!

Gerardo plays next, and he is not ready. Craig brings up pirated games. Gerardo screws up his bonus. Gerardo gets really close at 8662. He was behind Jay by 50 points! Craig is really excited with how close the game is. Michael gets a triple up. Michael is a distance fourth with 6134 points.

They discuss what game they want to play next.

Super Smash TV Edit

Big Money! Big Prizes! Big DEATH! | Lootcrate Retro Game Challenge Game #2
Upload Date January 17th 2015
Hosts Craig, Gerardo, Billy (Game Chasers), Jay (Game Chasers), Michael (GameTailers)
Series Random Awesomeness


Craig introduces the video. He spins the wheel again. The chosen game is Super Smash TV. The players have to get through the first stage for the highest score. Billy goes first. This game is about murder! The enemies just want hugs! Craig is interested in the direction that the competitors go in. Billy eventually loses all his lives for a score of 465830.

Gerardo plays next. Gerardo does not have a good start as he talks about Columbia. Columbia is ten years behind everywhere else! Craig makes fun of Columbia. Gerardo's final score is 798110.

Michael is up next. Jay thought that high school was going to be like Saved by the Bell. Craig thought that Smash TV was going to be what the future would be like. Michael finishes with 892220.

When Jay is playing, Craig talks about how to beat this game - by getting to the Pleasure Dome, which turned out to be lies. Billy taunts Jay. Jay's controller starts getting sweaty as he is in it to win it. Jay stands up as he crosses 900,000 ending the run. His final score being 903390.

They joke about clicking on Billy's face.

Sonic the Hedgehog Edit

It's all about SPEED! | Lootcrate Retro Game Challenge Game #3
Upload Date January 17th 2015
Hosts Craig, Gerardo, Billy (Game Chasers), Jay (Game Chasers), Michael (GameTailers)
Series Random Awesomeness


The competitors are the best gamers in the world - that Craig could get at short notice. There is one game to go. Craig spins the wheel again. Gerardo wants Ultra Beast. It lands on Sonic. This is a speed run in the first act of Green Hill Zone, and it doesn't matter if they die. Gerardo is up first. Gerardo hates Sonic.

Gerardo struggles at the jumps and loops. Craig explains that people beat this in 28 seconds in the Iron Man of Gaming. Gerardo finishes in 51 seconds. Jay is up next, and he dies instantly. Billy and Gerardo jump in joy. Craig laughs and adds 5 seconds to the time. He takes 36 seconds + 5 seconds for a final score of 41 seconds.

Billy is up next. Billy struggles at the first loop. He makes it in 37 seconds. Billy is mad, despite being in the lead. It is time for Mike. Michael hits the first enemy. He struggles in the spikes and the loop. He takes 49 seconds.

Craig used a calculator to determine the results. Gerardo came last multiple times with 5 points. Michael came third on 6 points. Billy came second with 9 points. Billy is angry. Jay wins on 10 points. Everyone else laughs at Billy's disappointment.

Billy thinks he deserves to win, as he won two of the events. Craig tries to get the Game Chasers to advertise themselves. Billy wants people to tell them to screw off.

Results Edit

Columns Edit

  • Jay - 8711 points (2nd)
  • Billy - 8745 points (1st)
  • Michael - 6134 points (4th)
  • Hybrid Rain - 8662 points (3rd)

Super Smash TV Edit

  • Billy - 465830 points (4th)
  • Hybrid Rain - 798110 points (3rd)
  • Michael - 892220 points (2nd)
  • Jay - 903390 points (1st)

Sonic the Hedgehog Edit

  • Hybrid Rain - 51 seconds (4th)
  • Jay - 41 seconds* (36 seconds + 5 seconds for dying) (2nd)
  • Billy - 37 seconds (1st)
  • Michael - 49 seconds (3rd)

Note: Jay was penalized 5 seconds for dying. However, he actually died with 3 seconds on the clock, not 5.

Final Scores Edit

  1. Jay - 10 points
  2. Billy - 9 points
  3. Michael - 6 points
  4. Hybrid Rain - 5 points

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