After a Christmas break, ScrewAttack Live started again for 2015, but they added an extra day each week for random stuff!

Rogue Legacy Edit

Hosts: Chad and Sam

  1. About to Leave a Legacy - January 7th 2015
  2. We're Not Dead - January 9th 2015
  3. Legacy Lives On - January 14th 2015
  4. Disorder & Rogue Legacy - Finish the Fight - January 16th 2015 Note: Sam and Chad played Disorder before beating Rogue Legacy.

Blitz: The League Edit

Hosts: Shaun and Craig

  1. Kickoff - January 8th 2015
  2. 'Roid Up - January 9th 2015
  3. We Run this League! - January 16th 2015

Other games Edit

  • N64 Party Games - It's time to Party - January 11th 2015
  • Super Smash Bros Wii U - We Have Company - January 15th 2015
  • Beat Metroid! - Challenge Tuesday - January 22nd 2015 Hosts: Shaun and Craig Note: This is a Challenge Monday episode.
  • Mega Man X - January 23rd 2015 Hosts: Sam and Austin
  • Dying Light - Stay in the Light - January 29th 2015 Hosts: Chad and Sam
  • Without Warning and More! Smorgasboard Thursday! - February 7th 2015 Hosts: Craig and Shaun
  • Battlefield Hardline - Cops and Robbers - February 8th 2015 Hosts: Shaun and Sam
  • Evolve - Room to Grow Hosts: Chad and Sam
  • Evolve - Now with Multiplayer! Hosts: Shaun and Craig
  • WTF is #IDARB? Hosts: Shaun, Sam, Sean, Parker Note: Check the date on Twitch since it was uploaded late on YouTube
  • Die Kevin Spacey!!!!! (Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare) Hosts: Craig and Shaun
  • WTF is #IDARB? - The Breakfasy Club owns all!!!!! Hosts: Shaun, Sean, Sam, Austin
  • Darkest Dungeon - For Family! Hosts: Shaun and Sam
  • Throwback Thurday / Shaun and Craig's Excellent Adventure Hosts: Shaun and Craig
  • Heroes of the Storm - February 13th 2015 Hosts: Chad, Sam, Sean, Austin, Shaun

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