Every now and then, ScrewAttack upgrades their website, or hosts a video off site. Sadly, this means that some videos end up going missing, and can't be found anywhere. This page lists any video that cannot be found on the site, YouTube, or any other place where ScrewAttack content is regularly uploaded. This will not count ScrewAttack TV however, as most of ScrewAttack's content can be found there.

Sidescrollers Edit

Virtually the entire first season is missing from before ScrewAttack changed to video format. The first episode is available on both YouTube and ScrewAttack, but there are over 100 episodes that can only be found on Internet Archives.

The Scoop Edit

Only a handful of episodes still exist. The entire show is missing.

Quote of the Week Edit

Just like The Scoop, only a handful of episodes still remain.

Dale and Chip's Rescue Retail Edit

Episode 2 is missing. The episodes are listed 1, 3 and 4.

Challenges Edit

  • The Mustache Challenge 2009 is missing parts 1 and 3.
  • The Mario Troll Off never had the final released due to it going for two hours.

Screwin' Around / ScrewAttack Live Edit

  • Any episode not moved from blip or Twitch during both websites clearing out their content. Old ScrewAttack Screwin' Around episodes can still be seen on UStream, but they eventually stopped posting there. There are bound to be some episodes missing.
  • In 2015, several streams about Nintendo games became lost due to Nintendo's streaming policy. This is particularly obvious as one episode of Zelda Wednesday is missing half way through the series.

Death Battle Edit

Some of the behind the scenes videos are missing. Most notably, "Where the F is Death Battle".

Clip of the Week Edit

Several Clips have gone missing during the launch of version 5. These videos can be found on Internet Archives.

Hard News Edit

  • Several episodes get taken down due to copyright strikes.
    • 2014: August 13th
  • Many of the oldest episodes from 2008-2010 appear to be missing, after they had teaser videos on YouTube and only put onto the site. They may have been forgotten to be re-uploaded on newer versions.

Reviews Edit

Craig's infamous Ocarina of Time 3D review appears to be missing.

Live streams Edit

  • The end of the Mario Party 2 After Dark stream was lost forever after both Twitch and YouTube cut the footage down to 2 hours. Both this stream and the Predator stream went for more than 2 hours, but the end of the Predator stream was saved.
  • The entire video of Jared and Chad defeating Beetlejuice on Jared's channel was deleted by Twitch, and neither host backed it up.
  • The majority of the fifth anniversary stream is lost forever due to ScrewAttack not thinking about recording it. Highlights are available, recorded by a g1.