A list of almost 100 Hey! Let's Play episodes. Every series from Super Mario 3D World to Octodad. All episodes are hosted by Chad and one other person.

Super Mario 3D World Edit


Co-host: Craig

Ep No. Title / Link on wiki Video
1 Toad's Hotbox Video
2 Not Yoshi Video
3 Bowser's Pimp Ride Video
4 Derpy Desert Video
5 Touch and Blow Video
6 Another Castle Video
7 Snowball Fight Video
8 Pure Panic Video
9 Schwarzenegger Kart Video
10 Everything is Cats Video
11 Attack of the Clones Video
12 Battle for the Crown Video
13 Yet Another Castle Video
14 Backstreet's Back Video
15 Sprinkle Dick Video
16 Five Down Video
17 Game Over Video
18 Continue Video
19 Dive Cat Video
20 Fuzzy Evil Video
21 12 Minutes in Bowser's Haven Video
22 The Dangerous Way Video
23 Bart Simpson Arms Video
24 One Life in Bowser Land Video
25 The Final Castle Video
26 Welcome to World Bowser Face Video
27 Let's Kill Plessie Video
28 Best Suits Ever Video
29 What a Twist Video
30 Star World Video
31 Chasing the Flag Video
32 Bitch Squad Video
33 Rosalina's Hot Video
34 Black and Boo Video
35 Giga Bunny Video
36 Fuzzy's Evil Revenge Video
37 Girls with Guns Video
38 Peach vs Rosalina Video
39 Spiky Spikes Video
40 The Stunning Conclusion Video

Banjo Kazooie Edit


Co-host: Nick

Ep. No Title / Link on wiki Video
1 Instant Disaster Video
2 Blood Offering Video
3 Ghost Shark Video
4 Death Awaits Video
5 Clanker's Belly Video
6 Ninja Rap Video
7 Gator Fight Video
8 World's Worst Father Video
9 Danger Zone Video
10 Racist Walrus Video
11 Whole New World Video
12 The Dick Tree Video
13 Grunty Wins Video
14 Sex Solicitation Video
15 F U Pot Video
16 Jiggy in the Butt Video
17 The Impossible Ledge Video
18 The Rusty Bucket Video
19 Revenge of the Shark Video
20 All Sanity Lost Video
21 Welcome to Click Clock Wood Video
22 Not the Bees!!! Video
23 Beaver Poon Video
24 Falling Video
25 Slippery Snow Video
26 Board Game of Doom Video
27 The End Video
28 Angel of Death Video

Octodad: Dadliest Catch Edit


Co-host: Sam

Ep No. Title / Link on Wiki Video
1 Madness Begins Video
2 Where Babies Come From Video
3 Grocery Champion Video
4 Hell on Earth Video
5 Dick Check Video
6 Metal Gear Video
7 Origin of the Dad Video
8 Final Showdown Video

Final Fight Edit


Co-host: Ben

Ep. No. Title / Link on wiki Video
1 Underboob Video
2 Scariest Dad Ever Video
3 Three Eyed Talking Canadian Dog Video
4 Who Gets Jessica Video

Magic Sword Edit


Co-host: Ben

Ep. No. Title / Link on Wiki Video
1 No Pants Video
2 Raining Money Video
3 Beyond Sight Video
4 The Lizard Wife Video
5 Two Endings Video

Vice Project Doom Edit


Co-host: Sam

Ep. No. Title / Link to Wiki Video
1 B is for Blaster Video
2 Captain Doom Video
3 Weaponized Cats Video
4 Basketball Team Video
5 Pill Addiction Video
6 Bust a Bitch Video
7 Crack Rat Video
8 Nut Tosser Video
9 Fruit Stripe Zebra Video
10 Final Form Video
11 Every Dog has its Day Video

Double Dragon Neon Edit


Co-host: Craig

Ep. No. Title / Link on wiki Video
1 Enter the Dragon Video
2 Skeletor Hoverbizzle Video
3 Death Hole Video
4 Terrafirmative Video
5 Anti-Tank Techniques Video
6 Standing in Explosions Video
7 We Broke It Video
8 Money Raining Ovaries Video
9 Rock the Dragon Video
10 Slow-Mo Combat Video
11 Too Dragon Too Hard Video
12 Eye of Poondera Video
13 Mother F'ing Robots!!! Video

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