The final year of Hard News before its cancellation on leading to its final episode on December 19th. The majority of episodes were hosted by Sean this year.

July Edit

Date Headlines Host Stories Notes Thumbnail
1st Cliffy B Returns, First homosexual character is Dragon Age, and Escape Dead Island Sam
  • Cliffy B returns from retirement
  • Escape from Dead Island
  • First homosexual in Dragon Age
Sam wants to be able to have his characters have sex with aliens, and for anyone who disagrees, they are 'monsterphobic'!
2nd Women BANNED from IeSF Competition, Airtight Games shut down, and the Dualshock 4 Sam
  • IeSF vans women from Tournament
  • Airtight Games shuts down
  • Time to retire the Dualshock 3
Sam shows off the PS3 and PS4 controllers during their story
7th Mario Kart 8 hacks, new Zelda game open world, Mighty No. 9 animated series Kickstarter Sam
  • Mario Kart 8 modding
  • New "Open World" Zelda, kinda
  • Mighty No. 9 anime Kickstarter
8th Mighty No 9 second crowd funding not for animated series Sam and John
  • Mighty No 9 funding correction
  • Hard News will return 07/21/14
For making the mistake from yesterday's Hard News, Sam stabs himself with a sword. John takes Sam's body away, and takes Sam's place at the desk to announce Hard News' break
21st Chroma Squad under fire! New Battleborn game announced, and F2P games in App Stores Sean
  • Last week's recap!
  • New info on Battleborn
  • Chroma Squad under fire!
  • Is it really Free-to-play?
22nd DOTA 2 Champions win $5 million, O'Donnell sues Bungie, and The Last of Us live reading Sam
  • DOTA champions win $5 million
  • O'Donnell sticks it to Bungie
  • The Last of Us, theatres and leaks
Sam dances out of the Hard News set, before coming back to wave goodbye.
23rd Sheik confirmed for Hyrule Warriors, Red Hood in Arkham Knight, EA Games delayed Sean
  • Quick corrections from Monday!
  • The Red Hood in Arkham Knight
  • Battlefield & Dragon Age delayed
  • Sheik to be in Hyrule Warriors
Sean wears a bowler hat to demonstrate what was said incorrectly from Monday's episode. He then takes it off, and throws it away, and a smashed glass sound effect followed by a cat yowling. Sean reacts shocked at what he did, before getting back to the news.
24th Destiny pre-orders cancelled! PS4 gets 3D-Blu Ray, Updated Steam controller Sam
  • PS4 gets 3D-Blu Ray support
  • Valve controller gets a joystick
  • Some Destiny pre-orders cancelled
  • Sam has predicted that the Valve controller will look identical to the PS4 controller, but have Valve's logo on it.
  • Sam ends Hard News by staring at the camera. He then smiles and complains to John that he just lets the camera continue to roll after Sam is done to tease him.
25th Google acquires, Destiny Beta open, PSN Hack lawsuit settled Sean
  • Destiny Beta out on all platforms
  • PSN hack of 2011 lawsuit settled
  • Google rumored to own

August Edit

Date Headlines Host Stories Notes Thumbnail
4th Bioshock comes to IOS, Flappy Bird returns for AmazonTV, and Dam Adelman leaves Nintendo Sean
  • Original Bioshick comes to iOS
  • Flappy Bird Family Flaps Back
  • Dan Adelman leaves Nintendo
  • This is the first episode of Hard News in the new set. Shaun can be seen in the background playing a game.
  • Bryan runs past the window riding on a dolphin, while Nick chases him with a hat on his head, while holding a plunger. Nick's hat falls off.
  • Bryan soon chases Nick while still riding the dolphin.
  • Chad and Austin are also seen in the background.
5th Original Resident Evil returns, New Hitman movie, Ultima Forever shut down Sam
  • Resident Evil current gen revival
  • Agent 47 strikes again
  • Ultima servers to shut down
Sam reveals that he doesn't know much about Crash Bandicoot
6th New Assassin's Creed: Rogue, Mario Kart 8 DLC, Broforce Expendables free download Sean
  • Mario Kart Mercedes DLC
  • Free lives releases "Expendabros"
  • New-new Assassin's Creed game
  • Ben, Nick and Parker stand behind Sean with a can of soda. They all drink at the same time.
  • They drink several times in unison. Bryan and Shaun can also be seen behind them.
  • Later on in the video, Austin joins the other three, but drinks using a Thermos.
  • During the outro, they all separate. Chad can be seen on the phone.
7th Twitch mutes 3rd party content, DOTA 2 & Source Engine 2, PSP Duke Nukem surfaces Sam
  • DOTA gets Source Engine 2
  • PSP Duke Nukem game discovered
  • Twitch muting 3rd party content
  • Chad writes "Suck!" with an arrow pointing to Sam on the glass behind Sam, while Shaun watches. Parker, Nick and Ben are also seen.
  • Parker wipes off the exclamation mark. It later reads "Suck balls!", and is revealed to be a speech bubble that says "I suck balls!"
  • When Sam is talking about Twitch muting 3rd party content, the audio cuts out of the video.
  • Nick draws what looks like Sonic on the glass behind Sam.
  • At the end of the video, Sam discusses the purpose of a volvo.
  • Sam discusses a game of "Rock, Paper, Scissor, volvo, moose", volvo would beat moose. John asks what moose would beat, and Sam replies with most other imports.
8th Hide your games on Steam, Appeal Twitch audio claims, and Sierra games returns Sam
  • Twitch rolls out "appeal" button
  • Sierra Games rises again
  • Your secret Steam games stash
  • Parker and Nick are standing behind Sam eating and drinking, and Austin and Shaun walk past sword fighting.
  • Sam blames Chad for the old HQ sucking.
11th New Square title, Steam not selling sex and drugs, possible third Darksiders Sam
  • David Adams creates gunfire games
  • Steam givin' ya something extra
  • Gamescom 2014 has begun!
  • The outro that Sam did was way too funny and rude to show, so he had to do another one.
  • The video says that it is the 4th, not the 11th
12th Tomb Raider sequel XBox only, Advanced Warfare XBox Bundle, XBox Gamescom Sam
  • Microsoft's Gamescom conference
  • Advanced Warfare Xbox One-DLE
  • New Tomb Raider Xbox exclusive

(note: the typo of DLE is what is written in the episode)

  • Parker runs up to the glass and starts touching it
  • Sam translates the Tomb Raider's developer's PR speak into real English
  • Sam stumbles through the outro
13th New Silent Hill by Kojima & Del Toro, Tomb Raider not only for Xbox, Gamescom The video has been removed
14th MGS 5 coming to Steam, New co-op Walking Dead game, Last Guardian not cancelled Sam
  • "The Last Guardian" will return
  • Kijima is putting MSG 5 on Steam
  • New co-op Walking Dead game
Sam rambles about Pokemon, and randomly starts talking about balls, and confuses it for Dragonball Z
15th New PS4 feature, Warner Bros wants Xbox Entertainment, Ikaruga 2? Sam
  • PS4 Shareplay limited to 1 hour
  • Ikaruga creator returns for PS4
  • Xbox Entertainment/WB Sale
Sam starts Hard News wanting to edumacate the viewer, and ends by threatening to kill the viewer if they don't click the link.
18th Robin Williams NPC Petitions, Phil Fish meltdown: Round Two, Mortal Kombat X Sean
  • An old 'ality to return to MK X
  • Petitions for Robin Williams NPC
  • Phil Fish cannot quit the internet
  • Craig chases Chad on office chairs past the Hard News set at the start of the video. Craig then spins Parker around on a chair.
  • Chad later enters and points a water gun at Sean's head from behind the glass
  • Craig waves as Hard News ends. During the outro, Craig spins Parker again.
19th Sony confused by PS4 success, Samus' New Zero Suit, Wii U now more kid friendly Chad
  • Wii U, Now more "Kid" friendly
  • PS4 sells 10 million units
  • SSB4, controversial new Zero Suit
Chad once again sells himself as "Not Sam".
20th Fish play Street Fighter, New Resident Evil leaked, New Digital Card game Sam
  • Two fish are playing Street Fighter
  • New digital cardgame: Sienna storm
  • New RE: Revelations teased
21st New Star Wars game, Walking Dead Season 2 finale, Ascend pulled from XBL Chad
  • New Star Wars game released
  • Walking Dead season finale trailer
  • Ascend mysteriously pulled down
Chad says that he hopes his editor didn't use any footage from the spoiler filled trailer while he was talking
22nd Advanced Warfare not on Wii U, 4A Games escapes to Malta, and Firaxicon Sean
  • Advanced Warfare not on Wii U
  • 4A Games escapes to Malta
  • Firaxicon and sweet 2K deals
Sean swears during the outro, mentions that he can't say that, and tries again
26th Amazon buys Twitch, Pokemon Fighting Game, and Smash 3DS Leaks Sean
  • Pokken Tournament confirmed
  • Surprise! Amazon buys Twitch
  • Smash Bros 3DS springs a leak
Sean sits behind the glass at the end of the episode. Shaun, Chad and Ben come over and try to drag him away, but get stuck on his wires.
27th Capcom sues Koei Tecmo, Mario Kart 8 DLC is awesome, and Dragon Age gets Multiplayer Sean
  • Dragon Age gets multiplayer
  • Capcom sues Koei Tecmo
  • Mario Kart 8 DLC is official
Sean says that he has dyslexia, explaining his mistake from yesterday. A message scrolls across the screen saying that he is just an idiot instead.

September Edit

Date Headlines Host Stories Notes Thumbnail
2nd Pre-order an amiibo, New New 3DS, and Nintendo Europe layoffs Sean
  • Amiibo figurines are priced
  • A new Nintendo 3DS is coming
  • Nintendo of Europe restructured
3rd PewDiePie closes comments, Oculus teams with Samsung, FREE PSP games in Japan Sean
  • Oculus Partners with Samsung
  • 250 free PSP games to come to Japan
  • PewDiePie turns off the comments
  • Sean admits that everyone is the comments is already telling Sean to die in a fire. He ends by saying "I'm Sean, and I'm a giant dick face."
  • This was the first episode to be exclusive to ScrewAttack's second YouTube channel, ScrewAttack News.
4th Gearbox does what it likes, Remote Play comes to Xperia, Ouya wants investors Sean
  • Ouya is looking for new investors
  • Remote Play on Sony Xperia phone
  • Gearbox does whatever it likes
  • Shaun stands directly behind Sean behind the glass mimicing him as he plays with his keys.
  • Sean tries to entice the viewer to subscrive to ScrewAttack news by offering them a bowl of candy. He also tells the viewer to get into the dirty van in the box. A picture of pedo bear appears near the van.
5th Goro revealed for MKX, League of Legends lore reboot, Destiny Cologne Sam
  • Goro exclusive to MK X preorders
  • Smell your Destiny
  • League of Legends lore reboot
Craig pokes Shaun with a blow up dolphin, before running up to the glass and poking the glass.

Nick and Craig later ride the dolphin together. Nick falls off, and Craig hits him with it, before poking the screeen again.

The dolphin is later thrown at Sam, who catches it. He says that he was hoping that Craig would break the window. The dolphin does the outro.

8th Batman descends in June, Donkey Kong Master revealed, John Vechey departs Chad
  • Hohn Vechey: Peace Explorer,
  • New King of Kong on the block
  • Batman: Arkham Knight
Shaun, Nick, Parker, Austin and Bryan are all holding Nerf guns behind the glass. They all point the guns at each other.

Everyone pelts Chad with nerf guns in the outro. Nick holds Chad ransom threatening to kill Chad if the viewer doesn't click the link.

Nick then shoots Chad. Blood splatters on the screen, and Chad collapses.

9th Shadow of Mordor delayed PS3/360, Xbox One Dashboard update, Ray Rice removed Chad
  • Ray Rice removed from Madden
  • XBox One Dashboard update
  • Shadow of Mordor PS3/360 delay
Chad reading the Shadow of Mordor story is probably the nerdiest thing he has ever done on this show
10th Apple Watch gets a game, Super Smash Bros. 3DS XL, Microsoft may buy Mojang Sean
  • Apple Watch has a game announced
  • Microsoft rumored to buy Mojang
  • Nintendo 3DS XL Super Smash Bros.
11th PSP Store is Closing, Final Fantasy on phones, and Super Smash Leaks Confirmed Sean
  • PSP losing its digital storefront
  • Final Fantasy getting a new game
  • Super Smash Bros. 3DS on Twitch
12th GTA V release date, Pikachu invades White House, and Atari Landfill Auction Sean
  • GTA V release date
  • Pikachu invades White House
  • And Atari Landfill Auction
Shaun eats directly behind Sean. Shaun also nods and agrees with Sean when he is announcing their contest, and gives a point with Sean at the end
15th Minecraft bought by Microsoft, Rumor of Xbox Streaming, More Smash Bros. Sean
  • Microsft buys Mojand for $2.5B
  • Xbox might get it's own streaming
  • Smash Bros. Wii U dated and more!
Sean makes several Pokemon references as he talks about the story
16th PlayStation Jordans, Xbox 360 goes Blue, Guerrilla Games Horizon Art Leaks Sean
  • Playstation themed air jordans
  • Guerrilla games' concept art leaks
  • Look at all the shuny new consoles
Sean makes a point at the end of the episode
17th Final Fantasy XV demo inbound, Sony reports 230 billion yen loss, MKX gets a fightpad Sean
  • Final Fantasy demo coming to NA
  • Sony reports 230 billion yen loss
  • Mortal Kombat X fightpad from PDP
Sean makes a point at the end of the episode
18th Final Fantasy XV Demo, Bloodborne release date, Sonic Boom Sam
  • Bloodborne gameplay from TGS
  • Get ready for Final Fantasy!
  • Sonic Boom release dates
There is an outtake at the end of the episode which has Shaun dancing in the background without a shirt on, and he is wearing a mask
19th Assassin's Creed movie delayed, Driveclub White PS4 bundle, Shinra Technologies Sam
  • Assassin's Creed Movie delayed
  • Shinra's new gaming technology
  • Europe's special Driveclub bundle
22nd PlayStation TV Dated, ISIS Makes Game Trailer, Videogame Museum in Texas Sean
  • ISIS propaganda points to GTA clone
  • Videogame history museum in Texas
  • PlayStation TV gets release date
Bryan rolls around on the floor, and Shaun has a nerf gun in the background. Craig tries to sneak up to the glass, but is hit by a nerf gun, and chases the shooter. Andre Black Nerd takes a photo of Sean, as Nick and Shaun hold nerf guns towards Sean.
23rd Nintendo 2DS for Pokémon, AssCreed Season Pass, Triad Wars if F2P Sean
  • New Pokemon 2DS set for Europe
  • New 2.5D AssCreed in season pass
  • Triad Wars is a F2P PC Exclusive
24th Blizzard's Titan cancelled, Queen's Wrath Engulfs Destiny, Steam Curator Trolls Sean
  • Destiny event reef Queen's Wrath
  • Steam curates trolls and thieves
  • Blizzard's Project Titan cancelled
Sean tells the viewer to click on his face and see what happens. Doing this takes the viewer to the Total Destruction Clip of the Week.
25th Duck Dynasty Game, bayonetta 2 Flounders in Japan, Watch Dogs DLC Skips Wii U Sean
  • Duck Dynasty Game from Activision
  • Bayonetta 2 not selling well
  • Watch Dogs DLC skips Wii U
26th Blizzard Raises Dead, Wii U VC gets Castlevania, Smash Bundle on Amazon Sean
  • eShop getting Castlevanis and MK8
  • Blizzard brings out the dead in WoW
  • Super Smash Bundle on Amazon
Bryan is playing the Donkey Kong bongos behind Sean
29th Link's Horsing Around, Bayonetta 2 Barrel Rolls, PS Home is Shuttered Sean
  • Playstation Home closing in NA & EU
  • Hyrule Warriors horsing around
  • Bayonetta 2 does a barrel roll
Shaun walks up to the glass as he is eating, and Ben strokes his chin during the outro. Sean starts dancing prompting both Shaun and Ben to copy him.
30th Shadow of Mordor Season Pass, Zelda Fan remake, Yet another Assassin's Creed Sean
  • Fan-made Ocarina of Time remake
  • Shadow of Mordor season pass
  • There is another Assassin's Creed
Craig walks up to the glass and dances before staring into the camera.

October Edit

Date Headlines Host Stories Notes Thumbnail
1st Xbox Hackers charged, Windows 10 revealed, Battle Chef Brigade Kickstarter Sean / Takahata101
  • Microsoft and AA Hackers charged
  • What the hell is a Windows 10?
  • Battle Chef Brigade Kickstarter
  • This was the first official ScrewAttack News episode
  • The outro is hosted by Takahata101 from Team Fourstar. Sean behaves like an excited fanboy behind the glass.
  • Takahata101 doesn't know why he was there. He sees Sean and yells at him for acting so strange!
2nd Free Pokemon for 3DS Owners, Angry Birds Layoffs, PlayStation Plus Price Hike Sean
  • Nintendo haunts your 3DS with DLC
  • Playstation Plus price increase
  • Rovio layoffs and celebrity hires
3rd GamerGate pressures Intel, Evolve statue is expensive, Strider 2 on the Vita Sean
  • Evolve gets a $750 LE figurine
  • Vita gets themes and Strider 2
  • Intel drops ads after GamerGate
Sam explains that having stuff that other people don't make people feel better about themselves.
6th PewDiePie the MCN?, Disney Crushes Tiny Death Star, Bomb threat at Gearbox Sean
  • Disney removes Tiny Death Star app
  • PewDiePie wants to start an MCN
  • Gearbox receives a bomb threat
7th Wii U Holiday Games Dated, AssCreed GPU Debate, Microsoft Kinect Experiment Sean
  • Microsoft has a new Kinect Project
  • AssCreed starts a debate and stuff
  • Wii U release dates, prices, & amiibo
8th Samus comes to Monster Hunter, DRIVECLUB Woes, Nintendo GameCube Confusion Sean
  • Monster Hunter 4 goes Metroid
  • DRIVECLUB PS+ version delayed
  • GameCube Adapter Wii U confusion
9th Evolve big Alpha Codes, PS NOW on Vita, Themes for 3DS and Xbox One Sean
  • PlayStation Now on New Devices
  • Theme Support on 3DS and XBoxOne
  • Evolve giveaway for big alpha
Shaun also does a point at the end of the show, and continues pointing throughout Sean's outro.
10th Destiny Breaks Iron Banner, Unity Looking for Buyer, Nintendo  eShop Offerings Sean
  • Unity rumored to be up for sale
  • Destiny Iron Banner event sucks
  • Nintendo eShop digital update
Sean thinks he should hide his Halloween candy in a wall this year - it will certainly work better then the candy in a van idea from last year!
13th GamerGate Death Threats, October is DK Month, Resident Evil Reveals Sean
  • October is Donkey Kong Month in EU
  • Resident Evil Bonus and TV show
  • Game dev doxxed and threatened
Parker rides a chair up to the glass behind Sean during the outro
14th PlayStation TV Launch Kerfuffle, Cocaine in an Xbox, Saints Row: The Cooler Sean
  • Cocaine Cowboys caught with Xbox
  • Saints Row: The Cooler was a thing
  • PS TV suffers at launct and GT7
Sean was still a little upset about the Driveclub thing, and states that people are going to talk in the comments about how much he loves Sony.
15th Anita Sarkeesian Cancels lecture, Killer Instinct Season 2, Magic Card Lottery Sean
  • Anita Sarkeesian cancels lecture
  • KI Season 2 teases 6 new fighters
  • Magic card worth $27,000 found
  • Sean comments that KI has been bumped up to 980p, so graphics whores can suck it. Someone calls out that it still isn't 1080p!
  • Sean offers about 1000 beanie babies that are sitting at his house that he wants to sell.
  • Sean hurts himself as he gets up from the chair
16th Google has a Microconsole, Xbone finds controllers, GOG & Steam games FREE Sean
  • GOG and Steam gives you free games
  • Xbox One update finds G-Spot
  • Google launches a microconsole
  • Sean gets frustrated at the number of Microconsoles that are available, and threatens to burn the building down if Apple makes one. Shaun comes up to Sean, and states that they just got a PlayStation TV. Sean gets excited and leaves!
  • Shaun says "F***ing fanboys". In the outro, Sean tries to take the PSTV off of Shaun, but Shaun won't let him. Sean manages to grab it off of him.
17th Hatred is a new IP, LoL World Championships Sunday, Sean
  • LOL World Championships on ESPN
  • Ireland gets gaming themed stamps
  • Is Hatred a new gaming scapegate?
20th Smash Bros Rumors, I am Bread is a Game, Final Fantasy XIV Expansion Sean
  • Final Fantasy XIV Expansion coming
  • I AM Bread is the new new indie game
  • Super Smash Bros. Wii U rumors
Sean makes suggestions for different races of bread to become playable
21st Steam Game De-listed After Threats, FGC Rallies for PushaTee, Time Crisis 5 Sean
  • Time Crisis coming Japanese arcades
  • FGC rallies in support of Pushatee
  • Death threats de-list Steam game
Shaun once again points at the screen throughout Sean's entire outro
22nd Oddworld Wii U Woes, Camp Pokemon is a FREE, Metallica & Hearthstone @ BlizzCon Sean
  • Oddworld: New "N" Tasty Wii U Woes
  • Pokemon Camp comes to iOS
  • Blizzard's Hearthstone & Metallica
23rd Titanfall Horde Mode, Mortal Kombat X Live-Action Series, Smash on Vita? Sean
  • Titanfall getting Coop horde mode
  • Mortal Kombat X live action series
  • Petition for Smash Bros. on PS Vita
  • Craig and Ben stare into the camera as Sean rants
  • Craig then writes a sign that says "Sony Fanboy" and an arrow pointing to Sean.
24th Smash Direct Shows Wii U Features, Halo 5 Launch Date Leaked, 3D Realms Reborn Sean
  • Halo 5 has its launch date leaked
  • 3D Realms returns with collection
  • 50 reasons for Smash on the Wii U
Shaun continues his tradition of pointing as Sean does. Sean states that Disorder is the best indie game of all time, and is totally unbias!
27th Xbox One Bundles $50 off, Share Coming to PS4, San Andreas HD on Xbox Live Sean
  • San Andreas HD comes to Xbox Live
  • PS4 Share Play becomes a reality
  • Xbox One Bundles discounted $50
Shaun does the point with Sean into the outro, where the camera zooms in on him while "Lonely" plays
28th Bayonetta in Playboy, X-Wing Comes to GOG, No More Sexy Streaming Sean
  • Nick, dressed as a clown walks past the camera.
  • One of Sean's jokes is about cancelling their plans for tonight's livestream due to Twitch's new rules, with an awkward photoshop as the image.
  • This episode had a new look, and was combined with a new look for the site.
  • Nick comes behind Sean to break his neck at the end of the video. Sean dies.
29th Destiny new content, Nintendo is Profitable, Dying Light Next-gen Only Sean Shaun waves throughout the outro
30th Mighty No. 9 Boss, Nintendo & Microsoft get Healthy, Valkyria Chronicles PC Sean Craig stares into the camera with his laptop, and both Craig and Shaun point with Sean. Craig dances before leaving in the outro.
31st Call of Duty Zombie Leak, Driveclub PS+ Infinite Delay, Prey 2 Cancelled Sean
  • Craig is cleaning the glass behind Sean during this episode.
  • Craig, Austin and Shaun all point nerf guns at towards the camera. Austin shoots a few times.
  • This is the first time Sean had a "Comment of the day"
  • Craig shoots a round of nerfs during the episode, and goes back to cleaning the glass.

November Edit

Date Headlines Host Stories Notes Thumbnail
3rd Smash Bros. 136 Year Ban, The Internet Arcade, Korean eSports Money Sean
  • Sean says that at the age of thirty, he is the Dry Bones of eSports athletes. He hits the desk and hurts his frail old hands.
  • Ben makes facial expressions behind Sean at his desk.
4th Destiny Cheers & Jeers, Luigi's Mansion Arcade, Hearthstone Ban Hammer Sean
5th Just Cause 3 F2P, Dawngate Axed & LoL Champion, Killzone 10th Anniversary Sean
  • This episode crosses to Sam (the local LoL expert) who says that the game is representing woman who don't have big breats and are dead. At least he thinks she's dead.
  • Apparently, Nick is weaping over the loss of one of his favorite franchises.
  • Sean makes an extra report over the new Normal Boots fan game, and requests he be in it, now that he has reported on it!
  • Sean mistakenly says that the date is October 5th at the start of the episode.
6th Majora's Mask, amiibo Mario Kart, and Duck Hunt in this Nintendo Direct Special! Sean Many people corrected Sean on getting yesterday's date wrong, and Sean makes not of it here.
7th Doritos Do the Dew, CoD Won't Share Play, Battle Fest is Back! | Bro News Sean
  • Sean "Bro's" out and gives a heap of "Bro" news, and the title of the episode reflects this.
  • Sean unzips his jacket to reveal that he might be a bit bias in the next Death Battle featuring Kirby. He shows off his Kirby shirt.
10th Loot Crate amiibo, BlizzCon Recap, Geoff Keighley Game Awards Sean
  • This episode of Hard News was filmed at Blizz Con in Los Angeles.
  • Ben walks up across the road to behind Sean, only to see that they are filming, and walks away quickly.
  • Sean also leaps for joy at the end.  Ben  can be heard saying that Sean is lying about this being live.
11th Just Cause 3 Revealed, Amiibo Round 3, Master Chief Mutliplayer Woes Sean
  • This episode is also fimed at Blizz Con.
  • Nick is lying on the floor having a seizure in his excitement for the new Just Cause game. Sean happily says that he will get Nick to an ambulance as soon as Hard News is over.
12th AC Unity Glitches Hurt Stock, Sonic Boom Dance Party, Game of Thrones Details Sean
  • This episode is also filmed at Blizz Con.
  • Sam writes the his plans about the BloodBorn delay on the whiteboard behind Sean
  • "Blood Born Delayed Plan 1 murder Plan 2 Steaming Review Plan 3 Jerk off and cry"
  • Plan 2 is crossed out after plan 3 followed by plan 1 is written up
  • It is all erased only for Sam to write this: "Crop Dust Sean!!!"
  • Sean reveals that it was Assassin's Creed that made him want to do this job for a living.
13th Mario Kart 8 Zelda DLC, New Mercedes Mario ads, Useless PS Vita peripheral Sean This episode is also fimed at Blizz Con.
17th Pikachu Battlepad, Game of Thrones Leak, amiibo Crated, Majesco Hurt Sean
  • Sam, Nick, Ben and Austin are all keeping warm by an oil barrel set on fire.
  • During the outro, Nick puts his head in the barrel, setting it on fire!
18th FF in LittleBigPlanet, Goat Simulator MMO, G4 is Dead... Really! Sean
19th Walmart Scammed, Far Cry 4 Pirated, Ubisoft Dishonors France? Sean Someone says that Sean is turning into Monetary Jack from Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers. It cuts back to Sean who is dressed as the character.
20th Meta Knight amiibo, Xbox One Birthday, Final Fantasy Games Coming Sean
  • Craig plays around throwing something in his arms in the background. Sean asks himself a question as a voiceover, and Sean calls the voice an idiot.
  • Nick threatens Craig with a nerf gun, and Craig hits him, so Nick runs away. Craig is later seen pointing the nerf gun at Nick. (is it a water gun)
24th Blood Sport Kickstarter, StarCraft II Pro Disqualified, Hackers, Plays.TV Sean
25th The Crew Embargoed, Dark Sould 2 Next-gen, Project Vaulderie Shutdown Sean At one point Craig stares into the glass at the edge of the shot
26th PlayStation False Advertising, Crew Beta Live, Gamecube Adapter Homebrew Sean

December Edit

Date Headlines Host Stories Notes Thumbnail
1st Game of Thrones Dated, China Console Revolution, From Russia with Amiibo Sean
  • Ben stands right behind Sean, and wipes off his breath off the glass. He also nods while Sean is talking.
  • Sean discusees the end of Hard News, and Ben puts his hands over his face, as if he is shocked.
  • Sean asks for Craig to give him a mirror, and Craig is horrified as Sean shaves off his mustache.
  • Craig touches his mustacheless face, while Ben and Gerado look on gobsmacked.
  • Shaun rubs his face against Sean's.
2nd Xbox Live Down, Fortnite Alpha is Open, Barry Joins Revelations 2 Sean
  • Sean says November 2nd, rather than December 2nd.
  • Sean clarifies that the cancellation of Hard News has been going on for a while and isn't related to Fullscreen's acquisition of Rooster Teeth.
3rd PS4 20th Anniversary, Assassin's Creed Leak, Steam Broadcasting Sean
4th YouPorn in eSports, Nintendo sued by Donkey Kong, Dan Adelman's New Game Sean
5th Street Fighter V Leaks, SNK Classics on PSN, New Games at Game Awards Sean
  • Sean asks if Funimation will bring the new Dragonball to the US, Sean crosses to Lauren to find out. The camera crosses to the Lauren pillow, who is wearing headphones.
  • Sean concludes that it is coming.
8th Zelda on Wii U, Game Awards Winners, PlayStation Experience Revealed Sean
9th Witcher 3 Delayed, Samsung Gear's VR, Terrorists at FurFest Sean
10th Tekken 7 Update, Amiibogeddon, Moore Twitter Abuse Sean
11th Steam Holiday Sales, Bitcoin on Xbox, Sony in China Sean
  • Sean is asked how his name is spelled, to which he replies that the only correct spelling is how his is spelled, and mocks Shaun's spelling with a u.
  • Shaun yells back "Nice haircut, asshole!"
15th Batman Sale, Killer Instinct Update, Last Year Kickstarter Sean Sean is asked if he wants a sandwich in the comment for a day. He replies "Yes please."
16th DmC is Remastered, Hatred Pulled from Steam, Witcher 3 Features New Character Sean Sean gives a user a new profile picture after being impressed by a Pikachu with a mustache. He gives the Pikachu a top hat and a monocle.
17th Ultra SF IV gets Wild, Gabe saves Hatred, Ubisoft bones AssCreed... Again! Sean Sean sings "It's the most wonderful time of the year". Sean walks awkwardly towards the camera at the end of the video
18th Steam Controller Update, New Evolve Monster, Sony Cancels The Interview Sean, Sam, Nick, Ben and Craig Almost Time to Say Goodbye
  • All the staff who has hosted Hard News who is in the office today hosted the episode.
  • Chad would have participated, but he was sick.
  • Nick rolls his eyes at the 'boob control' story.
  • Ben has a poorly written and unread script once more. Ben's script is written worse than ever!
  • Craig is confused by the question of the day.
  • Craig thanks the audience for watching the show, and they take pride in the fact that Hard News was the first video game news show on the internet.
  • Craig also thanks the other Hard News hosts Destin, Corey, Jared, Jose, Chad and everyone else who has worked on the show.
  • Craig does an epic point into the camera at the end of Hard News.
19th The Final Episode Sean
  • Everyone at the office walks up to stand behind Sean.
  • Sam's head is cut off by the image, and has to move around it.
  • They all point at the end. Everyone walks away in the outro, and Sean walks over to his desk, where he and Shaun hi five each other, while Ben stares into the camera.

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