The final year of Hard News before its cancellation on leading to its final episode on December 19th. The majority of episodes were hosted by Sean this year.

January Edit

Every episode has the title wraps starting with "This is Hard News!", and ending with "Go to for more".

Date / link Heading Host Stories Notes Thumbnail
3rd Steam Server DDOS Attack, China Bans Battlefield 4, Marvel Games Disappearing Sean
  • Hackers Crash Steam Servers
  • China Bans Battlefield
  • Marvel Games Disappearing
  • Sean is reporting from MAGFest XII.
  • Sean interviews a Deadpool cosplayer, who gives a middle finger to Activision.
  • Sean interviews Tom the Iron Man about his role in the ScrewAttack Royale Rumble.
7th Steam Machines revealed, Nintendo to pay big in patent lawsuit, and the Playstation's future is Now Sean
  • Steam Machines Revealed
  • Nintendo to pay big over patent
  • PS Streaming future is now
Sean states that the SNES is superior to the Genesis. Craig yells at him for dividing the community, and Sean laughs as he goes mad with power. Craig fires him.
8th Alien: Isolation Is Real, Titanfall Caps Multiplayer, Steam Leaks Some Games Sean
  • Sega reveals Alien: Isolation
  • Titanfall multiplayer capped
  • Steam leaks a few new names
9th Double Dragon Neon to PC, Left 4 Dead dev has a new game, and the WWE unveils a stunner of a network Sean
  • Billy and Jimmy Lee fight on to PC
  • Left 4 Dead Dev's new game
  • WWE Network a stone cold stunner
  • is live!
10th Far Cry Compilation, 2K Czech layoffs, ABC lifted Mass Effect 3 art Sean
  • Far Cry Compilation Announced
  • 2K Czech Closes its Prague Office
  • ABC's Shield lifts Mass Effect Art
13th Syria hacks Microsoft, SNK and Tommo turmoil, and SimCity open to mods ScrewAttack has deleted this video
14th Call of Duty DLC, Magic: The Gathering movie, and PSN sale Sean
  • Call of Duty Onslaught DLC
  • Fox gets rights for Magic TG Film
  • 14 for 14 Sale on PSN
Sean jokes that PC gamers may finally make a move to PlayStation, before laughing and saying that they are stubborn as hell.
15th Catlateral Damage, Broken Age, and RBI Baseball revived Sean
  • R.B.I. Baseball Revived
  • Broken Age's opts for full release
  • Catlateral Damage in the works
16th The Last of US DLC, Final Fantasy VI on Android, and Steam Machine controller Sean
  • Updates to the Steam Controller
  • Final Fantasy VI comes to Android
  • The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC
17th Cortana personal assistant, 2K and Bethesda bundle, and Outerlands documentary Sean
  • Area 5 "Outerlands" Kickstarter
  • Bethesda and 2K games bundle
  • Cortan personal assistant
20th Nintendo Considers Mobile games, Hypocrite pirates, and Fable trilogy bundle Sean
  • Fable Trilogy coming to XBLA
  • Pirates brick 3DS over privacy
  • Nintendo considers mobile games
  • After stating that Iwata said that he would stand down two years ago, Sean pulls out a sword.
  • Sean voted for Doc Louis to be in their Smash Bros Top 10 video, but nobody listens to him
21st King trademarks "Candy", Microsoft in shady business, PS4 corrupting save files Sean
  • PS4 Corrupting Save Files
  • Microsoft is up to shady business
  • King trademarks the word "Candy"
Sean comments that "Today f***ing sucks!" after all the terrible news
22nd Super Smash Brothers, Nintendo's next console, and Drive Club Updates Sean
  • Drive Club updates and leaks
  • Smash Bros character rumor
  • rumors of Nintendo's next console
After the episode, Sean runs out of things to say, so Craig yells "Penis! Thumbs up for penis!"
23rd King targets the Banner Sagam Seedlunky HD, and Yaiba delayed by two weeks Sean
  • Spelunky Mod plays exact levels
  • Yaiba release delayed two weeks
  • King targets "The Banner Saga"
  • Sean shows a list of all the real games that came before it with the word 'Saga' in it, and closes by calling the show "The Hard News Saga"
  • Sean wants an episode to close with a skeleton or a manikin wearing the Hard News jacket pointing to the screen telling the viewer to click the box.
24th Shadow of Mordor, UK users unable to access UPlay, Madden trial appealed Sean
  • Madden lawsuit verdict audible
  • UK users unable to access UPlay
  • Shadow of Mordor looks familiar?
  • Sean decides to make some fake news stories to try to make them catch on such as North Korea landing on the sun, the pope approving of abortion, and Wii U sales are skyrocketing!
  • The end sequence shows a manikin without a head wearing the Hard News jacket with a sign saying "Click the Box!"
27th King "doesn't clone games", SOE's MMO deal, and Microsoft buys Gears of War Sean
  • SOE's 7 PC-Based MMO deal
  • Microsoft buys Gears of War
  • King "Does not clone games"
28th The NSA is watching, Nintendo's smart phone mini-games, and a Sly Cooper film Sean
  • Sly Cooper breaks into theaters
  • The Angry Birds are watching
  • Nintendo's smartphone mini-games
  • Sean makes some jokes about Nintendo games being made into mobile clones, such as Angry Birdos and Super mario Crush - because "Crush" is still up for grabs.
  • John keeps on laughing at Sean in the outro, and Sean tells him to stop
29th Nintendo gets a pay-cut, Elder Scolls Online, Battlefield 4 Appreciation Month Sean
  • Elder Scrolls Online prices
  • Battlefield 4 Appreciation month
  • Nintendo's bleak financial future
30th Overview of Nintendo's Financial Briefing Sean
  • The future of Nintendo's hardware
  • Games coming to the Wii U and 3DS
  • Nintendo to enter the app market
Sean seems a little disturbed by Octodad: Deadliest Catch

31st Warner Bros refunds Wii U owners, PS Vita Slim, and Microsoft leaks Sean
  • Playstation's breakfast briefing
  • Warner Bros refunds Wii U owners
  • Microsoft Studios news leaks
  • Sean yells a very long intro with the o is Slothcano extending through the opening titles until he is shown.
  • Evil Craig yells during the outro, and tells Sean to shut the f*** up. He then hugs Sean.

February Edit

Date / link Heading Host Stories Notes Thumbnail
3rd Playstation Now game leaks, new Duke Nukem game, Wii U PacMan Museum cancelled Sean
  • Playstation Now game leaks
  • Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction
  • Pac-Man Museum pulled from Wii U
  • Apparently, people think Sean hates Nintendo simply by reading the news about it, and Sean clarifies that he actually loves Nintendo.
  • Sean also says that Bonestorm would beat both Laserwolves and Slothcanos, except that time when they lost. He says "f*** you" to the Laserwolves, and Chad replies with "f*** you" back.
  • Sean also says that he loves John, and John replies that he loves Sean back.
4th Hackers troll Ubisoft, Nintendo buys back shares, Disney interactive layoffs Sean
  • Yamauchi's heirs sell their shares
  • Disney Interactive layoffs
  • Ubisoft trolled by hacktivists
Sean struggles to make it through the outro, and tries it again, but John won't stop laughing at him.
5th Resident Evil composer is a fraud, Ground Zeroes price, and Steam Music Sean
  • Steam Music open for Beta testing
  • MGS Ground Zeroes to cost $30
  • Videogame composer admits fraud
  • Sean reads today's date off his hand, and pumps his arm congratulating himself on getting the date right.
  • Craig walks past in front of the camera, as Sean does the outro. Craig then tells the viewer to click the box. Ben tells him where the mic is, and Craig continues to interrupt by playing with the camera, and pretending to hold Sean's head between his fingers. Ben comments that this is the worst outro ever!
6th Pokemon Bank, Amazon acquires Double Helix, Tell Tale's Xbox Live error Sean
  • Tell Tale's season pass error
  • The Pokemon Bank is live
  • Amazon acquire's Double Helix
Sean makes a 'C-C-C-C Combo Breaker' joke, with the original clip from the game dubbed over his voice.
7th A new Sonic TV series, Flappy Bird, and Call of Duty changes its formula Sean
  • Call of Duty changes its formula
  • New Sonic TV series and tie in game
  • Dong Nguyen's Flappy Bird
Sean insists that anyone who has Flappy Bird on their phone should delete it
10th Flappy Bird pulled down, Minecraft fan film pulled downn, and Batman glitches Sean
  • Minecraft fan film shut down
  • Batman: Arkham Origins glitches
  • The end of Flappy Bird
Sean and John ramble about the things they hated about Dragonball Z
11th Watch Dogs delayed for Wii U, XBox One Headset, and PS Vita Slim bundle Sean
  • Microsoft's first party headset
  • PS Vita Slim bundle coming soon
  • Watch Dogs delayed on Wii U
Craig bothers Sean about the rematch between Goku vs Superman if they get enough attendees during the birthday marathon. Craig gets up close to Sean, making him uncomfortable
12th Xbox One headset adapter problems, Fable Legends, Radiohead mobile game Sean
  • Radiohead's mobile game
  • Fable Legends last in the franchise
  • Update on Xbox's headset hero
Sean gets the date wrong by saying that it is January
13th Angry Birds spin-off, Playstation Plus subscription exploit, and Darksiders Sean
  • Nordic Games and Darksiders
  • New Angry Birds spin-off
  • PS Plus free trial exploited
  • Sean seemed so excited about Darksiders until he finished reading the title
  • The date is incorrect on the video title, as it should be the 13th
  • Sean yells to try to interrupt the marathon that is currently happening, before Craig entering with Tommy's head saying that he has killed Tommy!
  • Sean decides to jump onto the stream as soon as he has finished (which he did)
14th Nintendo Direct Recap and new Transformers game leaked Sean
  • "Red Faction correction"
  • New Transformers game leaked
  • Nintendo Direct 3DS recap
  • Nintendo Direct Wii U recap
17th Titanfall Beta Open, Ground Zeroes better on PS4, Transformers game announced Sean
  • Rise of the Dark Spark announced
  • Titanfall Beta open to all
  • Ground Zeroes superior on the PS4
  • PSA: Kickstarter has been hacked
18th New details on The Order, Twitch Plays Pokemon, and the music driven FPS Chroma Sean
  • New footage from "The Order 1886"
  • New music driven FPS "Chroma"
  • Twitch Plays Pokemon
Sean watches Twitch Plays Pokemon on the screen behind him
19th Irrational Games shuts down, Wolfenstein comes with Doom beta, Year of Luigi Sean
  • Wolfenstein and Doom Beta
  • The Year of Luigi coming to an end
  • The end of Irrational games
Sean sings the theme for Blades of Steel. Craig comments that Blades of Steel has already been vaulted as well.
21st Street Fighter money matches, GBA Virtual Console games, and new Tony Hawk game in development Sean
  • New titles leaked for GBA Wii U
  • New Tony Hawk game in the works
  • Street Fighter money matches
Sean says that yesterday, Craig took everyone out for massages, and Ben got something stuck in his ass, and they were in the hospital for hours.
24th Gearbox sues over Duke Nukem, Pokemon free at Toys R Us, new Mortal Kombat? Sean
  • Kiefer Sutherland talks games
  • Nintendo 3DS sale at Toys 'R Us
  • Duke Nukem lawsuit controversy
  • Sean jokes about the next Duke Nukem game taking forever, and Craig can be heard laughing.
  • Craig is also heard in the ending yelling that Robocop will shoot you in the dick.
25th Gamestop Titanfall bundle, XBox One streaming, Deus Ex: The Fall coming to PC Sam
  • Deus Ex: The Fall coming to PC
  • GameStop Titanfall Bundle
  • Titanfall livestreaming on Twitch
  • Join us on Screwin' Around!
Sam calls Sean a prick for wanting to spend time in Hawaii, rather than bringing the news
26th Ground Zeroes gets a price cut, Stick of Truth censored, and layoffs at Sony Santa Monica Sam
  • Ground Zeroes gets a price drop
  • Stick of Truth censored
  • Lay offs at Sony Santa Monica
  • Join us on Screwin' Around!
  • Sam stumbles his way through the intro for Bottoms Up Cup, not knowing whether the lazer wolves will be blown up with their rockets or their lions.
  • Sam likes to call the lays offs "Surprise vacation!"
  • Sam messes up saying Donkey Kong as Konkey Dong. He also refers to Nick Kramer as Kramer from Seinfeld, except he plays Donkey Kong and doesn't use racial slurs.
27th Mob wife sues Rockstar, Tony Hawk's mobile game, DS and Wii internet shut down Sam
  • Wii/DS/DSi Internet gets shut down
  • Tony Hawk's new mobile game
  • Gravano sues GTA V over life story
  • Join us for Screwin' Around!
28th The WB's Minecraft movie, Challenge your friends in Dead Nation, and Carmageddon release date Sam
  • Dead Nation chat features
  • Carmageddon release date
  • Warner Bros' Minecraft movie
  • Join us tonight for Bottoms Up Cup!
Normally, Sam tells the viewer to click the box, but because YouTube is being a bitch, he wants the viewers to click the link in the description instead.

March Edit

Date Heading Host Stories Notes Thumbnail
3rd My Little Pony fighting game, Fez comes to PS4, 3D realms acquires despite lawsuit Chad
  • Fez coming to Playstation 4
  • 3D Realms acquired despite lawsuit
  • My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic
Just like last time, Chad tries to teach the viewer how to click the link in the description rather than the box. Also he isn't Sam, so the audience should be happier.
4th Goat Simulator, Jerry Seinfeld Simulator, and New Yoshi 3DS Sam
  • Release dates and Goat Simulator
  • Special Yoshi 3DS XL announced
  • New Oculus game: Jerry's Place Mod
Sam mocks Yoshi and promotes his man Luigi.
5th Awesome new Batman game, South Park Germany delay, and Uncharted creative director leaves Sean
  • Batman: Arkham Knight announced
  • Uncharted head writer pushed out
  • Stick of Truth delayed in Germany
6th Shaq Fu is back, XBox Luve expanding to mobile, and Gamestop's PS4 camera debacle Sean
  • XBox Live expanding to mobile
  • Gamestop PS4 camera debaucle
  • Shaq Fu is back in action!
  • Sean crosses over to Craig for his reaction to the announcement. Craig is seen smashing multiple copies of Shaq Fu with a baseball bat. The camera zooms in on Ben's staring face.
  • When the camera moves back to Sean, he screams while smashing a copy of Shaq Fu with a crowbar.
7th The Last of Us gets a movie, Sony CEO steps down, and Wii U gets Watch Dogs Sam
  • Visit Sean, Craig and Chad at SXSW!
  • Sony CEO Jack Tretton resigns
  • The Last of Us major motion picture
  • Watch Dogs release date and Wii U
Sam translates Jack Tretton's resignation letter into his own words, which include a F*** you to Microsoft, and thanking Nintendo for not going on with Sony on their combined console.
10th Sony's VR Headset to be revealed, Playstation Now rentals, and Tales from the Borderlands Sam
  • Playstation Now game rentals
  • Sony's virtual reality headset
  • Tales from the Borderlands
  • Sean told Sam via Twitter that he had to do Hard News
  • If Castlevania Symphony of the Night isn't on the Top 5 Castlevania list, Sam will flick Nick in the eye
11th Capcom Pro Tour, Costume Quest 2 this Halloween, and Driveclub sent back to the drawing board Sean
  • Drive Club back to drawing board
  • Double Fine's Costume Quest 2
  • The Capcom Pro-Tour
12th Final Fantasy Type-0 fan translation, Titanfall server problems, and Witcher 3 delayed Sean
  • Server errors plague Titanfall
  • Witcher 3 delayed to 2015
  • Final Fantasy Type-0 English patch
Craig comes in at the end and tells Sean about the massage he got, and now he smells like baby oil!
13th Pro-gamer attempted suicide, Smash Bros to be at Evo and MLG, and Angry Birds Epic Sean
  • LoL pro attempts suicide
  • Smash Bros. enters Evo and MLG
  • Angry Birds gets an RPG
14th Amazon controller leaked, new Crazy Taxi game, and $99 XBox 360 promo canned Sean
  • $99 XBox 360 quietly discontinued
  • Amazon microconsole controller
  • Crazy Taxi: City Rush for mobile
Sean doesn't want to play Angry Birds on his XBox, but is excited about Peggle 2. Sean gets impatient when John doesn't end the recording
17th Pokemon enter World Cup, New Street Fighter character, WB Games Vault Sean
  • The WB games vault
  • New Street Fighter character
  • Japan's World Cup mascots
Sean's idea for an American World Cup mascot is a bald eagle covered with guns and a tattoo saying "Come at me bro" on its chest.
18th Castlevania producer leaves Konami, XBox One fall relaunch, Walmart game trading Sean
  • XBox one Worldwide release
  • Koji Igarashi leaves Konami
  • Walmart enters used game market
The date of this video says the 6th
19th Virtual Reality: The Future of gaming, and the Worst Company of 2014 voting begins Sean
  • The Oculus Rift developer kit 2
  • Sony reveals "Project Morpheus"
  • Voting begins for worst company
20th Epic and Crytek go subscription, new Asscreed leaked, and Guitar Hero DLC discontinued Sean
  • Hero Rhythm franchise closes up
  • Epic and Crytek go subscription
  • New Assassin's Creed leaked!
  • Since there is no word on a Wii U release of Assassin's Creed, Sean realized he just bashed Nintendo again!
  • Sean also wakes up in the morning to see if Parker vomits!
21st League of Legends severs hacked, PS4 removes HDCP, and Farcry 4 rumored Sean
  • League of Legends sever hacked
  • Far Cry 4 rumored in Himalayas
  • Playstation update removes HDCP
24th Pokemon Anime spinoff, Redboc to offer current gen games, PS4 struggles to meet demand Sean
  • Current gen games come to Redbox
  • PS4 struggles to meet demand
  • New Pokemon Anime spinoff
25th Disney acquires Maker Studios, PS1/PS2 emulator for PS4, Kinect Sports Rivals Championship Sean
  • Disney acquires Maker Studios
  • Kinect Sports rivals Championship
  • PS1/PS2 emulator coming to PS4
Sean relaxes and says that he and John did it, and tells John not to put this bit on the site after what he did yesterday.
26th Facebook acquires Oculus Rift, Free God of War DLC, and the Devil's plot against Phoenix Sean
  • God of War: Ascension anniversary
  • The Devil's plot against Phoenix
  • Facebook buys Oculus VR
27th Sonic Legend of Zelda DLC, Senator Yee arrested, and Wolfenstein Panzerhund edition Sean
  • Sonic Lost World Zelda DLC
  • Wolfenstein Panzerhund edition
  • Senator Leland Yee arrested
28th Iron Galaxy takes over Killer Instinct, King goes public, AssCreed Comet details Sean
  • Be a Templar in the new AssCreed!
  • Iron Galaxy takes over KI
  • King Digital went public
  • ScrewAttack's Biggest News
Sean crosses over to Craig to ask him if there is going to be a change to ScrewAttack now that they have been acquired. His responce was "Shiiiiiit no!"
31st Predator joins Call of Duty, EA Origin ditches physical media, and next-gen ports Sean
  • The Predator is on the hunt in CoD
  • Year of the re-releases
  • EA Origin ditching physical media

April Edit

Date / link Heading Host Stories Notes Thumbnail
1st Ben delivers the news! Opti-moose Prim, Cheeteau, and Google's Pokemon Master Ben
  • Frito Lay's Cheeteau cologne
  • Optimus Prime rides into Titanfall
  • Google's Pokemon Master Quest
  • Ben is given a horribly written script to read, and he is not allowed to have seen the script before they shoot the video. This leads to some hilarious consequences.
  • All the paper in front of him is blank! Everyone (particularly Chad) are heard laughing behind the camera after Ben reads the last line.
  • Ben challenges the viewer to make a video of their recording of the script he was given.
2nd Plaris' failed game_Jam, EA's April Fools apology, and Amazon FireTV Sean
  • EA's apology for April Fools joke
  • Polaris' failed Game_Jam
  • Amazon reveals the Fire TV
Craig enters and tells the viewer to tell them what their opinion is of the new Review format. They creepily whisper to each other.
3rd Adam Sessler steps down, Cortana confirmed, and GTA Online Sean
  • Jared Rosen update
  • Adam Sessler stepping down
  • Cortana confirmed for Windows 8.1
  • Set up a heist in GTA Online
4th Amy Hennig takes on Star Wars, Lego: The Hobbit, and Glu ends Gamespy Sean
  • Amy Hennig takes on Star Wars
  • Warner Bros' Lego: The Hobbit
  • Glu ends Gamespy's matchmaking
7th Fight as Bruce Lee, Doom Next Gen only, and Borderlands Pre-Sequel Sean
  • Bruce Lee enters the Octagon
  • Borderlands: The pre-sequel
  • Doom beta next gen only!
Craig attempts to call out to "check out the game mods" on their outro, but Chad thinks he said "gay mods". Sean just stares at them and ignores them.
8th Watch Dogs requires UPlay for PC, Smash Bros 6, and Xbox will know your feelings Sean
  • UPlay required for PC WatchDogs
  • The XBox will know how you feel
  • Job postings for Smash Bros 6?
  • Sean states that people will complain in the comments about him not reporting on the Nintendo Direct, even though it came out after Hard News was recorded.
  • Sean wears a Ramass hat (from League of Legends), and calls it "Ram-ass". He is corrected, but he decides to stick with pronouncing it Ram-ass.
9th Smash Bros Direct highlights, Borderlands rumors confirmed, and Marvel comes to Disney Infinity Sean
  • Borderlands rumors confirmed!
  • Marvel coming to Disney Infinity
  • Sakurai's Smash Bros Updates
10th Nintendo's weird Tomodachi Life, ET landfill excavation, and H1Z1 zombie MMO Sam
  • Sony's new zombie game H1Z1
  • Nintendo's weird Tomodachi Life
  • Digging up ET's landfill
Sam is looking deeply into John's soul, which makes Sam want barbeque sauce. Sam learned how to be sexually explicit with just his lips after taking a HR class who said to not lick your lips at people. Sam then licks his lips, and starts laughing.
11th Double Fine's "Last life," EA saves old Battlefield servers, and Firaxis to announce new AAA IP Sam
  • Firaxis to announce AAA title
  • Double Fine's new game Last Life
  • EA saves old Battlefield servers
Sam makes silly impersonations about Chad and Craig liking and hating Titanfall
14th PAX South coming to San Antonio, Titanfall DLC, and new harmonix Free-to-play Sean
  • New Harmonix free to play game
  • New Titanfall DLC out next month
  • Penny Arcade announces PAX South
Sean warns Penny Arcade to stay away from Dallas, as it is SGC territory. Craig yells that they will "F*** them up"
15th Civilization Beyond Earth game, Swedish politicians play Starcraft, Rain World comes to Vita Sean
  • Adult Swim to publish Rain World
  • Civilization: Beyond Earth
  • Swedish politics turn to Starcraft
16th Halo Composer fired, Twitch to sell games, and Snoop Dogg narrates COD Sean
  • distribution service
  • Bungie fires Halo score composer
  • Snoop Dogg announcer pack
17th The return of Bloodrayne, Jetgetters investors, and Spider-man 2 delayed on XBox Sean
  • New Bloodrayne to be revealed
  • Spider-Man 2 postponed for XBox
  • Jetgetters gets angel investors
Sean wants Nintendo fans to celebrate Spider-Man 2 being released on Wii U, but not XBox.
18th Watch Dogs eBook sequel, World of Warcraft choppers, Candy Crush Saga Sean
  • Watchdogs DLC eBook
  • King Digital tries to co-exist
  • World of Warcraft motorcycles
21st Nintendo gets Sued, Apple and Google exclusivity, and Elder Scrolls Online Guild Bank Sean
  • Secure Axcess sues Nintendo
  • Google and Apple exclusivity
  • Zenimax shuts down guild bank
22nd Ace Attorney Samurai Showdown, AssCreed Unity co-op, and PS1 comes to Vita Sean
  • Assassin's Creed 4-player co-op
  • Ace Attorney: Samurai Showdown
  • Playstation & PSP now on Vita
23rd Nintendo's Mario Golf season pass, Eve Creators to fight UFC champion, Dragon Age Sean
  • Push backthe blight in Dragon Age!
  • Eve Online to fight UFC champion
  • Nintendo embraces season pass
Sean says the word 'cat' a lot as he ends Hard News by showing Catlateral Damage
24th Watch Dogs gameplay, Skylanders Trap Team, PS1 pulled off Vita Sean
  • New Ace Attorney set in Meiji Era
  • Bloodrayne: Betrayal re-release
  • PS One games pulled from Vita
  • Watch Dogs first impressions
  • Skylanders: Trap Team!
25th GTA v Jet packs, MGS v free content, and Playstation's road to greatness Sean
  • PS4's road to greatness!
  • Free Ground Zeroes content
  • Jet Pack coming into GTA V
28th Arkham Knight's delay, Star Wars canon clarified, and ET Grave's discovery Sean
  • Expanded Universe shrinks
  • Arkham Knight delay?
  • Mythical E.T. burial site found
For the outro, Sean takes his pants off and puts his feet on the table! Craig makes a weird conversation about lazy people eating Doritos.
29th Smash Bros Wii U at Best Buy, Spider-Man 2 on XBox One, COD at X Games Sean
  • Spder-man 2 comes to XBox-One
  • CoD: Ghosts joins MLG X Games
  • Nintendo E3 and Smash Bros Wii U
30th Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Direct, Bob Hoskins dies, and Star Wars new cast Sean
  • Bob Hoskins, 1942-2014
  • Newest Star Wars cast revealed
  • Nintendo's Mario Kart 8 Direct
Sean yells at the viewer for not watching the live stream. Craig enters scaring Sean, yelling to watch the stream on Twitch. He charges in again at the end

May Edit

Date Heading Host Stories Notes Thumbnail
1st New Pokemon game, Ouya to stream AAA titles, and Marvel Disney Infinity Sean
  • Ouya will stream AAA titles
  • Marvel Superheroes join Infinity
  • New Pokemon game for 3DS
Sean attempts to sing the Pokemon theme song with alternate lyrics for the Art Academy game. He decides it is a terrible idea.
2nd New Call of Duty stars Kevin Spacey, id Software sues Oculus Rift, and Turtle Rock fires Josh Olin Sean
  • Kevin Spacey in Call of Duty!
  • id Software suing John Carmack
  • Turtle Rock fires Josh Olin
Sean begins to sing Spider-man, but decides against it
5th Neversoft joins Infinity Ward, Blizzard releases 2 free games, Borderlands 2 PS Vita Sean
  • Two Classic Blizzard games free!
  • Neversoft joins Infinity Ward
  • Borderlands 2 Vita Edition
6th Mortal Kombat HD remake cancelled, Shaq Fu 2 funded, Earth: Year 2066 removed from Steam Sean
  • Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection
  • Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn Kollection
  • Shaq Du: A Legend Reborn is funded
  • Earth: 2066 pulled from Steam
7th Pokemon gets another game? Nintendo loses millions, and EA and XBox E3 live streams Sean
  • EA's E3 briefing to be live streamed
  • "XBox: Game On" Pre-E3 show
  • Nintendo has lost millions
  • Gotta catch 'em all!
  • Sean wants to give Nintendo the free idea of putting a Pokemon game onto the Wii U to boost sales.
  • As Sean advertises the basketball game between Craig and Ben, Craig charges in saying that he will win - even though it already happened.
8th Nintendo's NFC figurines, Elder Scrolls delayed for console, and strange Driveclub deal Sean
  • Playstations Driveclub deal
  • Elder Scrolls Online delayed
  • Nintendo to finally ultilize NFC
9th Unreal Tournament returns, Dying Light delayed, and no release date for Bayonetta 2 Sean
  • Driveclub PSN update
  • No release date for Bayonetta 2
  • Zombie MMO "Dying Light" delayed
  • Unreal Tournament is back!
12th EA shuts down servers, Darksiders may return, LGBTQ in Tomodachi Life and Sims 4 Sean
  • Nintendo upsets LGBTQ community
  • Hope remains for Darksiders
  • EA pulls down multiple servers
Sean wants the 4 player co-op Darksiders game of his dreams, and Nick says that it is not happening.
13th New Pokemon game and movie, Capcom saves your favorites, and Kinect-less XBox One Sean
  • Kinect-less XBox available soon
  • Capcom saves your favorites!
  • Another new Pokemon game
14th New Rockstar game in 2015, 14 day humble bundle sale, and Xbox Gold refunds Sean
  • Rockstar's new game in 2015
  • Humble Bundle 14 day sale
  • Xbox Gold is offering refunds
Sean throws his papers in the air as he is excited about getting free games next month. Sean is caught scratching his head and hiccuping in the outro, as he wants this to be done.
15th Flappy Bird will return, 3D realms new game bombshell, Phillips blocks Wii U sales in USA Sean
  • Flappy Bird flaps back into action
  • Phillips blocking Wii U sales in USA
  • 3D Realms reveals "Bombshell"
16th Halo 5 announced, Farcry 4 revealed, and Shadow Fall DLC Sean
  • Far Cry 4 officially announced
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall DLC
  • Microsoft reveals Halo 5 for 2015
19th A Halo collection, Apple bans the Fap App, and YouTube to acquire Twitch.TV? Sean
  • Finish the fight ... in HD!
  • It's the App Store not the Fap Store
  • YouTube getting Twitchy?
20th Sailor Moon Returns! Nintendo defeats patent troll, and Amplitude Kickstarter Sean
  • Harmonix Kickstarts Amplitude
  • The return of Sailor Moon
  • Nintendo defeats patent troll
27th Smash Bros NFC, Star Wars game cancelled, Left 4 Dead arcade, Dirty Bomb Sean
  • Left 4 Dead enters Japan arcades
  • Extraction renamed to Dirty Bomb
  • Star Wars: Attack Squadrons
  • Smash Bros Wii U to use NFC
Because it has been so long since the last episode of Hard News, Sean is catching up
28th Nintendo YouTube affiliates, The Order delayed, and new Battlefield leaked Sean
  • The Order: 1886 delayed to 2015
  • Codename: Omaha leaked from EA
  • Nintendo YouTube affiliates
29th Nintendo partners with Mercedes, New Mortal Kombat, and Bethesda's Battlecry Sean
  • Bethesda's Free to play Battlecry
  • ED Boon teases new Mortal Kombat
  • Nintendo partners with Mercedes
Sean tries to spruke PAX, but gets told that they sold out in 20 minutes, and advertises SGC instead!
30th Nintendo's Gamecube controller adapter, Mighty No. 9 on track, and Harmonix restructures Sean
  • Gamecube/Wii U peripheral
  • Harmonix restructures company
  • Inafune's Might No. 9 on track

June Edit

Date Headlines Host Stories Notes Thumbnails
2nd Mortal Kombat 10 announced, Homefront the Revolution, NCAA to pay Athletes Sam
  • EA to pay NCAA College Athletes
  • Homefront coming to the PS4
  • Mortal Kombat X announced!
  • Sam says that Sean and Chad went down the Oregon Trail for a buddy jog, and both fell ill with dysentery.
  • Sam makes wild guesses at what could be in the new Mortal Kombat game, and comments that Craig's and Chad's are probably more realistic. He then rambles about it, and says that he should vomit.
3rd Batman delayed, Metal Gear fan remake officially approved, and SGC's mega guest! Sean
  • Metal Gear remake approved
  • Batman: Arkham Knight delayed
  • Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age
  • SGC 2014 guest of honor
4th Battlefield Hardline Beta, Japan ends PSP shipments, Xbox One gold titles Sam
  • Battlefield Hardline Beta key
  • Japan to end shipment of PSP
  • First two Xbox One gold titles
This is the first time the Inafune SGC announcement video is shown at the end of Hard News
5th Battlefield Hardline Beta, Japan ends PSP shipments, Xbox One gold titles Sam
  • PlayStation 4/Vita bundle leak
  • Plenty of EA reveals at E3 2014
  • XBone 10% better without Kinect
6th Iwata of Nintendo skips E3 due to health, Battlefield leaks, USF4 on PS4? Sean
  • Hardline continues to leak
  • Ultra SF 4 on PS4... maybe
  • Doctor orders Iwata to not travel
  • Craig interrupts Sean with a megaphone to tell the viewers that they will be at AKON this weekend and have two panels.
  • The video is labelled the 4th by mistake
9th Microsoft E3 Press Conference recap Sam
  • Microsoft's E3 Press Conference recap
  • Check back for our Sony recap!
9th Sony E3 conference 2014 recap Sam
  • Sony E3 conference recap
  • Check out our Microsoft recap!
Sam crosses over to Shauntern, who is crying and has a boner because the conference was so good.
10th Nintendo E3 2014 recap Sam
  • Nintendo E3 Direct recap
  • Check out out XBox and PS4 recap!
Sam has a Luigi figure next to him and introduces him during the episode.
11th Smash Bros Adds Pac-Man, Final Fantasy news, and no female assassins? Sam
  • New FFVII game and FF AGITO
  • Pacman announced for Smash Bros
  • No female lead in Assassin's Creed
12th Nintendo's white PS4, Alienware console, and Reggie doesn't care for streaming Sam
  • Nintendo's white Playstation 4
  • Alien Ware's new magic console
  • Reggie doesn't care for streaming
16th Pokemon Master Cards, Ono leaves Capcom, Mario Kart Happy Meals! Craig
  • Only 10% of Destiny revealed!
  • SF4, Charlie Murder free on gold
  • Street Fighter production resigns
  • Angry Bird Transformers
  • Mario Kart 8 Happy Meal
  • Nintendo doesn't like livestreams
  • Google's Pokemon master cards
Craig freaks out over what is happening at Capcom, before being confused by Angry Bird Transformers
17th You can buy Capcom, Destiny PS4 exclusives, and Hearthstone champion accused of cheating Chad
  • Destiny exclusives to PS3 and 4
  • Want to own Capcom? Now you can!
  • Hearthstone victor cheated?
18th Minecraft servers can now profit, Largest game collection sold, EA's early access plans Sean
  • EA and Dice discuss early access
  • Largest game collection sold
  • Minecraft servers can now profit
19th GTA online heists delayed, Bayonetta anime, and Phil Fish at it again Sean
  • Funimation gets Bayonetta anime
  • Heists delayed for GTA online
  • Phil Fish strikes Twitter, again
Sean pronounces his name "Shin-Hins" as he has shaved his mustache
20th Sunset Overdrive female characters, Riot Games payed-to-quit, and DS and Wii WiFi restored Chad
  • Play as a lady in Sunset Overdrive
  • Wii/DS Wi-Fi brought back by fans
  • Riot games' new queue dodge option
Chad insults Sean by saying that he will be back when he fixes his stupid beardless face!
23rd Nintendo beaten by Philips, League of Legends collegiate sport, Playstation Now prices Sam
  • Playstation Now pricing
  • Philips beats Nintendo
  • Collegiate League of Legends
24th Primal Rage 2 surfaces, Iwata recovering, Crytek rumored bankrupt Sean
  • Primal Rage 2 arcade surfaces
  • Crytek bankruptcy rumors
  • Iwata of Nintendo out of surgery
Sean tries to find where his bile duct is, as he had no idea it even existed until now
25th Nexon sues cheaters, New Legend of Korra game, Blue Estate releases on PS4 Sam
  • Avatar Korra get a game
  • Blue Estate loves pooping
  • Nexon is out for blood
  • SGC draws nigh!
26th New Godzilla game, Just Dance world competition, and SGC is coming! Sean
  • Just Dance world competition
  • Godzilla versus Afro Samurai!
  • SGC is coming, bitches!
27th Ryse 2 cancelled, Xbox games with gold, and the LaunchPAD Sean
  • Games with gold, month two
  • Crytek's Ryse sequel cancelled
  • New tablet 'LaunchPAD' peripheral
Sean states that today's episode was "hardly news" due to the final story, all about porn.
30th Hyrule Warriors costume DLC, GTA dev preserves Scottish history, Sniper Elite keys stolen Sean
  • GTA dev preserves community
  • Sniper Elite 3 keys swindled
  • Hyrule Warriors costume DLC