List of Hard News episodes for 2012. Jared was the host of most episodes this year. The end title for this year says "You stay classy internet" The start says "This is Hard News!" Jared would frequently end episodes with a pen toss.

July Edit

Date Host Stories Notes Thumbnail
2nd Jared
  • Gaikai acquired by Sony
  • Seth Killian joins Sony
  • Cold Stream finally leaving Beta
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
3rd Jared
  • Smash Bros. roster update
  • EA going all digital
  • Halo 4 will need eight gigs
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
5th Jared
  • Nights returns
  • A new console?
  • Marvel vs Capcom is back!
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
6th Jared
  • Devil's Third is still a thing
  • A Walking Dead FPS
  • The Human Element
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
9th Jared
  • EVO 2012 winnahs!
  • Furious 4 still alive and kicking
  • Nintendo unifying accounts
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
10th Jared
  • Angry Birds is coming home
  • Mass Effect 3 DLC spoilers
  • No Tekken in Smash Bros?
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
11th Jared
  • Rocksteady's new Batman?
  • Activision/Blizzard is being sold
  • Halo Anniversary 2
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
12th Jared
  • The Last Story has a release date
  • Ultima returns
  • Steam summer sale
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
13th Jared
  • New Beyond: Two Souls details
  • News about Epic's fortnight
  • Join the wolf pack
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
16th Jared
  • More pineapple surprise coming
  • Sony wouldn't be Left in Limbo
  • D3 let's Wii U release date slip?
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
17th Jared
  • Battlefield 4 announcement
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure HD
  • Bad dudes... two?
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
18th Jared
  • The WOW movie might still be on
  • New Ratchet & Clank details
  • Getting the Battlefield 4 beta
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
19th Jared
  • Shadowrun online Kickstarter
  • Day Z gets ripped off
  • Heroes of newerth goes free
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
20th Jared
  • FF versus XIII may be canceled
  • Bowling supports the Oyua
  • Fez will not be patched on XBLA
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
23rd Jared
  • Silent Hill studio to go quiet?
  • EA Sports' monopoly goes to jail
  • Assassin's Creed 3 DLC
  • Help us throw a great party
24th Jared
  • Versus XIII is not canceled?
  • Month of Mario
  • Amalur 2 might have happened
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
25th Jared
  • Toe Jam & Earl returns
  • Quantum Conumdrum DLC
  • WOW's new collector's edition
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
26th Jared
  • Witcher 3 might get multiplayer
  • Metal Gear: Rising's release date?
  • Final Fantasy XIV... again?
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
27th Jared
  • Onlive on Ouya
  • Baldur's gate: Encahnced release
  • Windows 8 is going to suck
30th Jared
  • PSX All Stars Roster Leak?
  • Wii U costs three Benjamins?
  • U could get hacked through UPlay
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
31st Jared
  • More Battle Royale details
  • Bethesda might own S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
  • Tony Hawk returns?
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode

August Edit

Date Headlines Host Stories Notes Thumbnail
1st TOR Goes Free to Play, Valve's User Agreement Changes, and Ada Wong is Back Jared
  • Free to play TOR
  • Steam user agreement change
  • ADA Wong in Resident Evil 6
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
2nd A New Army of Two, Virtual Reality is REAL, and Rise of the Triad is Back Jared
  • Army of 2 again
  • Virtual Reality gaming
  • Rise of the Triad is comming back?
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
3rd Mass Effect Wii U, A Rambo Game, and the Battle Royale Leak is Confimed Jared
  • Mass Effect 3 Wii U
  • Rambo the Game
  • Our Battle Royale leak confirmed
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
6th Sony HD Collections, a new Prince of Persia, and the Source 2 engine Jared
  • Sony HD Collections
  • Prince of Persia reboot part duex?
  • Source 2 on the way?
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
7th Day Z Stands Alone, New Scott Pilgrim DLC, and FF VII Gets Released Early Jared
  • Day Z stands alone
  • Scott Pilgrim gets new DLC
  • FF VII released early
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
8th Star Trek Gets Canceled, Steam Branches Out, and More Mass Effect 3 DLC? Jared
  • Star Trek gets canceled
  • Steam branches out
  • Spoiler Alert - Mass Effect 3 DLC
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
9th Xbox 720, Rhode Island Owns Amalur, No 360 Silent Hill Patches Jared
  • Leaked Nextbox features?
  • Rhode Island owns Amalur
  • No 360 Silent Hill patch
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
10th No Bioshock Multiplayer, Battle.Net Has Been Hacked, and a UK Wii U Delay Jared
  • No Bioshock Infinite multiplayer,
  • Battle.Net has been hacked
  • A possible Wii U delay in Europe
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
14th RED and BLU Join Forces, Sony's Gamescom, and Capcom's New IP Jared
  • TF2 co-op
  • Sony at Gamescom
  • Capcom's new IP
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
15th Command and Conquer Goes Free, The Last Guardian is Still On, and Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Tools Jared
  • Command and Concur goes F2P
  • The Last Guardian is still on?
  • New Black Ops 2 multiplayer tools
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
16th Mega Man's New Game, Anonymous' Failed Hack, and GameStop's DLC Jared
  • The PSN was hacked, but not
  • Gamestop's remote DLC
  • A new Mega Man game
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
17th Ubisoft Becomes a Distributor, The Hyrule Historia Comes West, and Steam On TVs Jared
  • UPlay becomes a distributor
  • The Hyrule Historia comes to the west
  • Steam on your television
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
20th A Dragon Age 3 leak, Onlive on life support, and Diablo 3's big update today on Hard News. Jared
  • Dragon Age 3 leaked?
  • Onlive on life support
  • A reason to play D3 but not farm
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
21st Nintendo Power Dies, Metal Gear Solid 5 in 2013, and Command & Conquer Loses Single Player Jared
  • No C&C single player
  • Metal Gear Solid 5 in 2013?
  • Nintendo Power dies
22nd Microsoft Cockblocks Killer Instinct 3, Counter-Strike Missing in Europe, and Sony Closes Liverpool Studio Jared
  • Sony Liverpool has been closed,
  • Microsoft doesn't want KI 3
  • No Counter Strike for Europe
  • Our 48 hour marathon
  • Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
  • Craig makes an advertisement for Netflix, and constantly says "You hear me?" throughout the advertisement
23rd NASA Ruins Peter Molyneux, Black Isle Returns, and I Am Alive For PCs Jared
  • I Am Alive on PC
  • Black Isle returns
  • NASA ruins 22 Cans
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
24th The World Ends With You RETURNS, XBLA Goes Free to Play, and Persona 4's Limited Edition Jared
  • The World Ends with IOS
  • A free to play XBLA game
  • Persona 4Golden's limited edition
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
27th PS1 games on Vita, Lollipop Chainsaw succeeds, and Kenji Kaido leaves Sony Jared
  • PS1 games coming to Vita
  • Lollipop Chainsaw a success
  • Kenji Kaido leaves Sony
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
28th Crash For All-Stars, New Skyrim DLC, and Black Ops II's Special Editions Jared
  • More Skyrim DLC
  • Crash in All-Stars?
  • Black Ops II special editions
  • It's PAX time!
29th $300,000 Golden Mario, Smash Bros. Movesets, and Nintendo Direct Lauren
  • Nintendo Direct
  • Smash Bros. Updates
  • $300,000 golden Mario statue
30th A NEW Metal Gear Game and Release Details for Marvel VS Capcom Origins and God of War: Ascension Chad
  • Metal Gear's 25th Anniversary
  • Marvel vs Capcom Origins details
  • God of War: Ascension release date
Chad throws a pen lid into the desk
31st No Skyrim DLC For PS3?, Nintendo Partners With Umbra, and New Gears of War Multiplayer Lauren
  • No da Wnguard on PS3?
  • Nintendo loves Umbra
  • New Gears of War multiplayer
Lauren is annoyed that she can't go have fun at PAX. She punches the desk, and a shower of pens fall down in front of the camera.

September Edit

Date Headlines Host Stories Notes Thumbnail
4th The Furious 4 are no longer brothers, the Wii U could be coming in bundles, and Valve is making hardware Jared
  • Furious 4 no longer brothers
  • Many Wii U skus = bundles?
  • Valve is doing hardware
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
5th Phoenix Wright is Back, Ubisoft "Removes" DRM, and Lightning Returns Jared
  • Ace Attorney 5 - 3DS
  • Ubisoft DRM removal
  • New Final Fantasy XIII-3 details
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
6th The Killzone Trilogy, The Nextbox Gets Delayed, and Ghost Recon on Wii U Gets Paused Jared
  • Killzone trilogy
  • Ghost Recon online has pause
  • The Nextbox has been delayed?
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
7th G4 is Shutting Down, The Vita Got Hacked, and Make Your Own Sony Items Jared
  • G4 is dying
  • You can make Sony items
  • The Vita has been hacked
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
10th New Super Mario Bros. U, Mega Man Online Is Mega Done, and GameStop Still Thinking Vintage Jared
  • Next verse, same as Mario's first
  • Another Mega Man drerezzed
  • Gamestop going vintage
  • Jared reads the "official press release" for New Super Mario Bros. U - the cover of Super Mario Bros Wii.
  • Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
11th Sony's Virtual Reality, Capcom's POST LAUNCH DLC, and Terreria Comes to Consoles Jared
  • Terraria comesto consles
  • Post launch Resident Evil DLC?!
  • Sony's virtual reality
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
12th Nintendo Announces an Announcement, Blizzard Can Track Your Screenshots, and Overstrike is Now Fuze Jared
  • Overstrike Changes
  • Blizzard can track screenshots
  • Reggie announces an announcement
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
13th Bayonetta 2 Announced as a Wii U Exclusive and a Metric Crapton of Wii U News! Jared
  • New Wii U details
  • Nintendo TVii
  • Wii U games!
  • Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
  • Jared has to get a Wii U because they said Monster Hunter
14th Blind Fanboy Rage on Bayonetta 2, No Multiple Wii U Pads, and Black Mesa Source Jared
  • No multiple Wii U pads for you
  • Fans are pissed about Bayonetta 2
  • Black Mesa source's launch
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
15th Dragon Age 3, A New PS3 Model?, and No Online For Monster Hunter on 3DS Jared
  • Dragon Age 3 revealed
  • A new PS3 model?
  • No online for Monster Hunter 3DS
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
18th Microsoft Renews Killer Instinct, Sonic & NiGHTS Release Dates, Wipeout's Online Lives on Jared
  • Microsoft renews Killer Instinct
  • Wipeout's online lives on
  • Sega HD release date
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
19th Inafune's Ninja Gaiden, BioWare Loses Its Founders, and City of Heros Closes Jared
  • Bioware loses its founders
  • City of Heroes closes
  • Inafune's Ninja Gaiden!
20th >Kingdom Heart's HD Collection, Half Life 3 News?!, and the Nintendo Gets the Unity Engine Jared
  • Kingdom Hearts HD collection
  • Half Life 3 news?!
  • Nintendo gets the Unity engine
Jared says that Slender isn't scary and that he has proven that. This is a reference to his Slendy is not scary video. He follows this with a pen toss.
21st Dragon's Dogma Expansion, Sleeping Dogs DLC, and a 360 Exclusive Medal of Honor Beta Jared
  • Dragon's Dogma gets an expansion
  • Sleeping Dogs DLC
  • 360 exclusive Medal of Honor beta
  • Jared imitates singing to Lincoln Park while shooting a gun.
  • Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
24th StarCraft 2 Goes Free to Play?!, PopCap Dublin Closes, and No Bayonetta 2 Without Nintendo Jared
  • No Bayonetta 2 without Nintendo
  • Popcap Dublin closes
  • Starcraft 2 is going F2P?!
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
25th Sony Has Day 1 Digital Downloads, Kickstarter's Rival, and TVs Might Get Games Jared
  • Kickstarter's competition
  • Put video games in the TVs
  • Sony Day 1 digital
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
26th The Mass Effect Trilogy, Wii U's 23 Launch Titles, and Injustice's Collector's Edition Jared
  • Mass Effect 3 trilogy</span
  • The Wii U's 23 launch titles
  • The Injustice collector's edition
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
27th A Resident Evil 2 Remake?, Black Ops II Zombies, and Metal Gear Off of Consoles Jared
  • Black Ops zombies
  • Metal Gear might go off consoles
  • A Resident Evil 2 remake?
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode
28th Mario DLC Announced, Your Gamerscore Matters, and Konami's Collector's Editions Jared
  • Mario DLC
  • Konam's Collector's editions
  • Gamerscore matters
Jared does a pen toss at the end of the episode

October Edit

Date Headlines Host Stories Notes Thumbnail
1st Third Person XCOM, Vita Price Cuts, And An Important Announcement Jared
  • FPS XCOM now third person?
  • Vita price cut and bundles
  • Adieu
Jared announces that he is leaving ScrewAttack.
2nd Porn on Xbox, Double Halo XP For Pepsi, Lightning Returns Leak, and Mario DLC Chad
  • YouPorn on Xbox
  • Halo double XP for Pepsi
  • FF XIII-3 launch date leaked
  • The Mario DLC is here!
3rd Valve's Non Gaming Software, The Command and Conquer Collection, and PlayStation Mobile Chad
  • Playstation mobile
  • Valve's non gaming software
  • C & C Ultimate collection
4th Cliffy B Leaves, Tyrant King George Washington, and Kixeye is Racist Chad
  • Cliffy B leaves
  • Evil George Washington
  • Racist Kixeye
5th Rogue For Senate, FIFA 13 is the Same Game, and Retro City Rampage Launch Dates Chad
  • Retro City launch dates
  • FIFA 13 is the same game?
  • Rogue for senate
8th Kevin Butler is Being Sued, Rayman Legends Delayed, and RE6 On Disc DLC Chad
  • Kevin Butler is getting sued
  • Rayman Legends delayed
9th Adam Sandler's Bad Company TV Show, The Mechromancer, and DmC Pre-Order Bonuses Chad
  • Early mechromancer
  • DmC pre-order bonuses
  • Bad Company the TV series
The end title is "Peace out dudes!"
10th Injustice Character Reveals, God of Total Recall, and Borderlands 2 E-Peens Chad
  • New Injustice characters
  • God of recall
  • E-peen crisis!
11th No More Machinima?!, Sony Sued Again, and The Wii U Breakdown Craig
  • Sony sued again?!
  • No more Machinima?
  • The Wii U breakdown
  • The end title is "Goodbye internet"
  • Craig points and laughs as he ends the show.
12th Dalkstarkers is Back, Free On Disc DLC, and the LoL World Championship Scandal Chad
  • LoL World Championship scandal
  • Free on disc DLC
  • Darkstalkers resurrection
Chad throws his wallet in anger so that Darkstalkers can get a sequel
15th Xbox 360 Deals, Hunting Halo 4 Players, and the internet hits Origin hard Chad
  • Microsofts' well timed deals
  • Pay for playing Halo 4 early
  • EA underestimates the internet
The end title is "Thanks for watching!"
16th Mario in Scribblenauts, Dragonborn Dragon Riding, and Xbox Live Indie Trouble Chad
  • Indie game fiasco
  • Dragonborn dragon riding
  • Mario is Scribblenauts?!
Chad admits to making a shameless plug for Death Battle
17th The War Z Rips Off LoL, TOR Free to Play Info, and Obsidian Kills Kickstarter Chad
  • Obsidian obliterates Kickstarter
  • TOR F2P restrictions
  • The War Z rips off LoL
The end title says "Peace out internet"
18th IGN Is Being Sold, Sony Breaks Up With Lightbox, and Wii U Child Labor Chad
  • IGN is being sold
  • Sony splits from Lightbox
  • Wii U Child labor
Chad guesses that it was Destin's fault that IGN lost its value.
19th LoL Pro Fapping Stream, the Wii U Messes Up Voice Chat, Pikmin 3 Delayed Chad
  • Wii U voice chat disaster
  • Pikmin 3 delayed
  • Lolpro fapping
22nd Anarchy Reigns release date, Modders smash PS All Stars, and Nintendo catches a pirate! Chad
  • Anarchy Reigns in 2013
  • Modders Smash All Stars
  • Nintendo pirate walks plank
23rd EA Reveals Wii U Online Details, MoH Gets a MAJOR Patch, Sony Got Hacked Again Ben
  • EA reveals Wii U online details
  • Medal of Honor super patch
  • Sony got hacked again
  • SGC details are here!
Sean enters the set at the end of the episode and knocks out Ben with a mallet
24th Star Citizen Kills Kickstarter, New $99 360s, and Zynga Screws Up Sean
  • Star Citizen kills Kickstarter,
  • Zynga shrinks down
  • New $99 Xboxes
Bryan stabs Sean with a sword at the end of the episode, before getting excited for his turn.
25th War Z Producer's Dirty Mouth, Bravely Default Sequel's Odd Name, and Wii Us Selling At A Loss. Bryan
  • Even zombies know that's wrong
  • Square Enix's latest title
  • Wii U to sell for a loss
Nick chokes Bryan to death with a cord at the end of the episode.
26th Oppa Dance Central, Mass Effect Movie Details, and GameStop Kids Nick
  • Gamestop kids
  • Memes in Dance Central
  • Mass Effect movie details
  • Nick watches the Mortal Kombat fight at the start of the episode.
  • Nick drinks an energy drink that appeared from nowhere. It has a heart on the bottom with Chad's name in it. When Nick drinks it, he comments that it is laced with cyanide, and that he will die. He dies before he can sign off.
29th G4 Cancels AOTS and X-Play, Start Leveling in Starcraft 2, and The US Supreme Court Decides Gaming's Future Chad
  • X-Play and AOTS officially done
  • HotS has levels to go with ladders
  • USSC setting gaming precedent
30th New Call of Duty, Borderlands 2 Glitch, and SxT DLC Solved Chad
  • Capcom fixes the SxT DLC issue
  • Borderlands 2 save file bug
  • Activision activate
  • New Call of Duty?!
31st Disney Bought LucasFilms, GTA 5 Release Date, and Hurricane Sandy Attacks Activision Chad
  • Disney bought Lucasfilms
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 release date
  • Sandy attacks Activision
The end title for this episode is "Happy Halloween"

November Edit

Date Headlines Host Stories Notes Thumbnail
1st Army of TWO Dated, Sly Cooper Dresses Up, and Kim Dotcom's Next Site Chad
  • Army of looking good
  • Sly's period dress power up
  • Kim Dotcom's big plans
2nd New Portal 2 DLC, Curt Schilling Gets Sued, and Blockbuster Express Closes Craig
  • Blockbuster Express is closing
  • New Portal 2 PS3 DLC
  • Curt Schilling is being sued
  • The four boobed Vita
Craig reaches over the desk with his point at the end of the episode. He also ends the show with a cartoon-like ending asking what will happen on the next episode of Hard News.
5th Free BF 1942, Guilty Gamestop Execs, and a WoW 1v1 You Weren't Supposed To See Chad
  • Battlefield 1942 free on Origin
  • Trade-in $2 million for 20 years
  • Steams crossed again
6th The Xbox Handheld?!, THQ's Stock Drops, and the Assassin's Creed Anthology Chad
  • The Assassin;s creed Anthology
  • The Xbox Handheld?!
  • THQ's stock plummets
  • Chad wants to see how the Darksiders fans feel about THQ's stock issues. Cue Sean swearing at and ranting at people who did not buy Darksiders 2. "Sean Hinz - A butthurt Darksiders fan"
  • Chad did not buy Darksiders 2!
7th Leaked Uncharted Game, PlayStation Magazine Shuts Down, and New Wii U Details Chad
  • New Uncharted game leaked
  • Nintendo Direct translated
  • Playstation Magazine shuts down
8th Assassin's Creed 3 Konami Code, A Diablo 3 Expansion,Capcom Loses Tatsunoko Chad
  • Diablo 3 expansion
  • AC III Konami code
  • Capcom loses Tatsunoko
Chad is excited that they now have a game Capcom can't resell them, and a celebration of old footage is shown.
9th Game Destruction 2012, Medal of Honor Revealed U.S. Secrets, and Cinder Kittens! Chad
  • Cindies for Sandy
  • Warfighter reveals U.S. secrets
  • Game Destruction 2012
Chad wants to see who can break the most games in the next 24 hours, and pulls out 2 boxes and snaps the discs before running off.
12th Gabe Newell gives on his b-day, Blizzard gets sued, and Curiosity killed its servers Chad
  • On his b-day, Gaben gives a gift
  • Class action over common sense?
  • Curiosity killed the servers
Chad pulls up a box with something awesome inside, and only one person gets to see what's inside.
13th Adam Sessler Has a New Home, Call of Mass Effect 2, and PS Vita Plus Details Chad
  • More PS Plus Vita details
  • Adam Sessler's new home
  • Call of Mass Effect II
14th Free Copies of the Mass Effect Trilogy, Ubisoft Buying THQ, Origin Got Hacked Chad
  • Update: Call of Mass Effect 2
  • Possible Origin hack
  • Ubisoft wants THQ,
Sean cries out as Darksiders 3 still probably won't be made.
15th PSABR DLC Characters, A Free XBLA Game, Kixeye Vs. Zynga, and Dick Monsters Craig
  • All-Stars DLC characters
  • Zynga vs. Kixeye
  • Spin the Bottle
  • A free XBLA game
Craig points at the end of the episode, and almost knocks the desk over.
16th The Best Crossover Ever?, Miyamoto's Birthday, and Some Delayed Wii U Features Craig
  • Wii U TVii delayed
  • The greatest crossover ever?
  • Free Awesomenauts
  • Happy Birthday Miyamoto!
Craig reaches over the desk to point at the end of the show.
19th Nintendo's Parental Consent, Official Xbox Mag Leak, and THQ Facing Lawsuit Chad
  • Nintendo needs parental consent
  • Nextbox details leak officially?
  • THQ to submit to tattoo artist?
20th Fighters of Capcom, No Mass Effect DLC, and Star Citizen's Kickstarter Chad
  • The star critizen Kickstarter ends
  • No ME3 DLC for the Wii U?
  • Fighters of Capcom
The final title is 'Happy Thanksgiving'.
26th Molyneux's Kickstarter, Nintendo done making Wii games but they might not be done with the Wii Chad
  • Molyneux plays God on KS
  • Nintendo stops playing with Wii
  • Mini Wii on the way?
27th The Canadian Wii Mini, Free NSMB 2 DLC, and Sega Cracks Down Chad
  • Wii Mini confirmed
  • Free NSMB 2 DLC
  • Sega Saturn Attack
Chad realizes that Segasun is filing the copyright claims.
28th Nintendo and Bungie's Next Big Games and European Exclusive 3DS XL Bundles Chad
  • Bungie's new game
  • European 3DS XL bundles
  • Yoshi's Land
Chad expresses his annoyance to Baby Mario's crying, as the sound effect plays
29th The Binding of Isaac for Consoles, Dragon Age 3 Delayed, and Dirtybomb Announced Chad
  • Dirtybomb
  • Isaac gets bound again
  • Dragon Age III delayed
30th Nextbox in 2013?, Grand Theft Russia, and inSANE is NOT Dead Chad
  • Nextbox in 2013?
  • Grand Theft Russia
  • inSane is not dead
  • ScrewAttack's new feature

December Edit

Date Headlines Host Stories Notes Thumbnail
3rd THQ's bundle succeeds, Ouyas shipping, Vita Ports, and more today on Hard News Craig
  • THQ bundle earns humbling amount
  • Around the industry
  • Congrats on remission, Greg
4th Fable II is Lost!, Killer Instinct Denied, and Kickstarter Fails Chad
  • Fable II is lost
  • A Kickstarter barely fails
  • Killer Instinct not renewed
5th Lots of Nintendo Direct News and a Pro LoL Player Gets Banned Chad
  • Nintendo Direct News
  • Ninja Giaden 3 DLC
  • LoL pro banned
6th Lollipop Chainsaw: Valentine Edition, Small Breasts Beware, and Why Guitar Hero Got Canned Chad
  • Lollipop Chainsaw Valentine's Day
  • Small breasts can kill you
  • Why Guitar Hero 7 got canceled
7th Sony's New Store, BioShock Gets Delayed, and Eurocom Shuts Down Chad
  • Bioshock gets delayed
  • New Playstation store
  • Eurocom shuts down
Chad jokes about the way Eurocom employees are fired. A scene with James Bond shooting with a message "Note of Termination. You are fired."
10th Street Fighter enters Mega Man, German laws affect the European eShop, and Glu turns off many games powered by Gamespy. Chad
  • Street Fighter in Mega Man
  • German laws affect Euro eShop
  • Glu pulls plug on Gamespy tech
11th The PS3 Tank, MLP: Online Gets Shut Down, and Bit.Trip Saga on eShop. Chad
  • Bit.Trip again
  • The PS3 tank
  • MLP MMO gets shut down
12th Diablo III On Consoles?, Free Halo 4 DLC, and Sega's Silly Sue Chad
  • Diablo III on consoles
  • Sega's silly sue
  • Free Halo 4 map packs
13th All-Stars Battle Royale 2, Mass Effect 4, and Steam's Community Market Chad
  • Industry headlines
  • What do you think?
The style of Hard News was done slightly differently this episode.
14th XBLA Super Sale, False Mass Effect 4 Details, and the Last of Us Chad
  • Mass Effect 4 screw up
  • XBLA super sale
  • Double Last of Us stories
17th Minecraft made lots of money, some people are too dumb for games, and Street Fighter X Mega Man is now available. Craig
  • Mojang has made some money
  • Some too dumb for games?
  • SF X MM releases today
18th SteamBox Confirmed, More War Z Controversy, and The Old Republic's Expansion Chad
  • Steambox
  • The first TOR expansion
  • More WarZ controversy
20th 7,000 Stolen Wii Us, THQ Isn't Entirely Dead, and TV on the Toilet Chad
  • TV while you poop
  • 7,000 Wii US stolen
  • THQ is only mostly dead
21st An Earthbound Re-Release, the NRA Hates Video Games, and DEATH BATTLE! Gets Delayed Craig
  • The NRA hates video games
  • Weekly recap
  • Goku vs Superman delayed
26th THQ Owes WWE $45,000,000 Chad
  • THQ vs WWE
  • Santa is dead
  • Waffles better than pancakes??
  • The end title is 'You rule internet'.
  • Chad begs the viewer to click on the annotation to the THQ vs WWE fight. He questions why the viewer is still here, as he isn't doing anything else. He eventually leaves.
27th Wii U Porn, Diablo 3's Canceled PVP, and the New Final Fantasy XI Expansion Chad Final Fantasy XI's new expansion, Wii U porn, Diablo 3 PVP canned
28th Tomb Raider Multiplayer and kids who wanted 3DSes got something else entirely Chad
  • Tomb Raider MP confirmed
  • One child got rocks
  • While another got porn
31st Xbox Live's cloud gets stormy before clearing up, Retro City Rampage to XBLA, Tomba 2 on NA PSN, and big Pokemon news? Chad
  • Microsoft restores the cloud
  • Rampage on XBLA finally
  • Tomba 2 headed to PSN?
  • Pokemon announcement on the way
The end title says "Happy new year!"

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