The fourth year of Hard News. Destin leaves ScrewAttack half way through the year, and Jared takes over. Currently, there are only episodes from August - December on the Rooster Teeth site.

From September 19th, the starting title was "Welcome to Hard News!", which was soon changed to "This is Hard News" from the 22nd of September. On September 19th, the end title said "Bye Bye!", which was changed to "You stay classy internet".

To do: find all the older episodes from 2011.

April Edit

Date Title Host Notes Thumbnail
1st Ben's April Fools Hard News Ben This is an poorly scripted episode, where Ben had no idea what he was doing.

Bryan, Craig and everyone else are laughing while Ben tries to read the news.

Ben has to read that he is a bitch!

Ben thinks he did a great job and can't wait to host it again. Craig tells him that he will never host Hard News again, before punching Ben in the dick and running away.


August Edit

Note: The headlines sections are being taken from the video description, rather then the actual title of the video.

Date Headlines Host Notes Thumbnail
25th get a cheaper 360 from Walmart, The Porsche won't be leaving EA's garage, and Gamestop takes the next step with Deus Ex Jared This episode is filmed from PAX.
29th Gears of War 3 is ready for the season, Skyward Sword is coming with a soundtrack, and will Mickey be epic again? Jared
30th Modern Warfare has dedication, what you get with the Ambassador Program, and what you can't get at Walmart Jared
  • A scene of a car crashing through a toy store is shown, with a message saying "How it probably didn't happen"
  • When Jared finds out that it happened nearby, he loads a gun and leaves for some justice.
31st there's a lot going on with Persona, Take Two gets exposed, and Bayonetta tugs at our heartstrings Jared

September Edit

Date Headlines Host Stories Notes Thumbnail
1st 3rd Strike is getting more color, Germany is doomed, and Modern Warfare 3 is hard Jared
2nd Star Trek Online is going free, Modern Warfare 3 has new multiplayer modes, and the Call of Duty that no one will answer Jared
6th Dragon Quest X doing brave things on the Wii, Dead Island should be called Dev Island on PC, and Halo 4 could use a little creativity Jared
7th some Nintendo rumors are Nintendo truth, Sonic Generations has a shiny collectors edition, and you play, I play, we all get Uplay for Driver San Francisco Jared
8th what is going on with Max Payne 3, the Wii U is a problem child, and we might be done feeling the force for awhile. Jared
9th You could be buying Saints Row 3 for a long time, some big names leave Grasshopper Manufacture, and Dead Island's closet sexism Jared
12th games can take a mulligan on Tiger Woods, Gamestop has its own system, and another great PC strategy game becomes a first person shooter Jared
13th people are serious about pirating Serious Sam, and all the big news coming from Nintendo's pre-TGS showing Jared
14th Bodycount's total hits 66, and all the big announcements from Sony at TGS. Jared
15th waive your right to sue for PSN, new modes in Street Fighter x Tekken, and do the Lucasarts wanted ads mean a new TIE Fighter is coming? Jared
16th free Portal, Ni No Kuni comes stateside, and tiny arcade sticks Jared
19th Jared
  • Let's Ride Chocabos
  • Chrono Trigger returns?
  • Worst Name Ever?
  • Deux Ex outsourced?
The format was changed to be without a desk this episode, with a different opening theme and logo.
20th Jared
  • A Gear's fight is never over
  • Step back on the Battlefield
  • An origin with your Revelation
  • Fight Koreans in a nanosuit?
  • It was just a fantasy after all
  • Design the new Hard News!
  • Lauren begins hosting the show, before Jared scares her away. The desk returns, but the backdrop is now the Sidescrollers background.
  • Jared admits that yesterday's Hard News episode sucked.
21st Jared
  • Viacom wants a refund
  • The world ends with Kingdom Hearts
  • Smashing the Wii U?
  • Solving problems on SA
22nd Jared
  • PS3 going to Karkand first
  • Mining for feedback
  • You might not use the force anytime soon
  • Redesign Hard News!
23rd Jared
  • Blizzard lives up to its reputation
  • Valve's ahead of schedule
  • Dark Souls haunted by glitches
26th Jared
  • Class is out at EA
  • Play Uncharted 3 early, get it early
  • Dark Souls not as collectible as before
  • Redesign Hard News!
27th Jared
  • Dew more for double XP
  • Dead Space 3 spills into the vacuum
  • Duke Nukem Reloaded is a jammed gun
28th Jared
  • Shanks again!
  • Disappointment has a release date
  • L.A. Noire closes the PC case
  • Pandas vs Ninjas
There is not much to talk about on Hard News today, and Jared struggles to find news. That was barely Hard News!
29th Jared
  • The end of a phsical era
  • Still alive, kicking, and coming
  • Innocence lost in localization
  • Design the new set!
30th Jared
  • But will there be a Ninja Mime?
  • PS Vita downloading on a budget
  • You can keep believing the lie

October Edit

Date Host Stories Notes Thumbnail
3rd Jared
  • You can't get these on XBLA
  • You don't have to go through the mass relays alone
  • Does DLC count as a pre-bonus buff?
Jared emphasises how much he hates Final Fantasy XIII
4th Jared
  • The gears keep on turning
  • You'll have to pass it all if you want to play Sony online
  • Rage problems popping up
5th Jared
  • Keiji takes to the high seas
  • Nextbox games slipping out?
  • The title of this week's Skynet goes to...
6th Jared
  • Thanks for everything Steve
  • Duke's coming with DLC
  • Still a chance for grunts on the silver screen?
  • Gran Turismo gets a one year tune up
7th Jared
  • How deep is that hole in Sydney?
  • From your computer screen to the silver screen
  • In war, one must fall
10th Jared
  • Well that was Qwik
  • Live a life of leisure
  • Mass Effect with massive amounts of people
Jared drops his pen at the end fo the episode
11th Jared
  • Save the galaxy without Shepard
  • Play PSP games on Vita... for a price
  • Save Gotham again, look good doing it
12th Jared
  • It's like there's a "hack me" sign on their back
  • Get a little treasure with Uncharted 3
  • The HD cash cow is milked again
13th Jared
  • Run in the online shadows
  • Where's a neutralizer when you need one?
  • The Sentinels caught 'em all except for one...
Jared drops his pen on the desk at the end of the episode.
14th Jared
  • Pay for a game you've been playing for free for 2 years?
  • Titus' war is over
  • A sweetheart deal of royal screwjob by GameStop?
17th Jared
  • A demo you get for more than twenty days
  • Phoenix Wright's gonna be so overpowered
  • It's not the zombies you have to watch for
Jared drops his pen at the end of the episode
18th Jared
  • The Creed is of the highest Calibur
  • Bathesda might have to learn to share
  • The season of Uncharted 3 is coming, Join Jared for Uncharted
Jared drops his pen at the end of the episode
19th Jared
  • The Vita has a date and it's not cheap
  • Only Batman can save the Arkham City DLC
  • EA Sports audibles to be blitz
  • Do it for the children
20th Jared
  • Xbox 720 and PS4 coming soon?
  • Spike Spiegl is a King?
  • EA turning the screws to squeeze out good reviews?
21st Jared
  • The 3DS gets updates, no new 3DS purchase necessary
  • Get Battlefield 3 early, get the ME3 demo early
  • The British are coming with Wii U release dates
24th Jared
  • Promoting the next CoD killer in the current CoD killer?
  • Pandas? Check. Kung Fu? Check. Jack Black? NOPE.
  • Everything but a release date for Diablo 3
  • Jared shows the Medal of Honor ad in his hand.
  • Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.
25th Jared
  • Commit theft of automobiles on a grand scale for the fifth time
  • Make puzzles, decide if cake is real or not
  • 3DS updates with a frisbee function
Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.
26th Jared
  • Battlefield 1943 left behind by EA on PS3
  • Thief 4 still in the shadows, waiting to strike
  • GTA 5 has a home
27th Jared
  • Just Co-op in 2012?
  • It's XIII but not XIII-2
  • So Origin wants to be Steam - 1984 edition
Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.
28th Jared
  • No codes? All kinds of problems
  • We're pleased to introduce the Wii U... again!
  • Get the Vita early, but not the games?
Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.
31st Jared
  • Resident Evil is old enough to get it's learner's permit
  • God of War 4 has a nice ring to it
  • Battlefield 3 online more like a minefield so far
Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.

November Edit

Date Host Stories Notes Thumbnail
1st Jared
  • Origin doing all of Steam's customer loyalty work for it
  • Is Dennis Dyack's kingdom crumbling?
  • Strap back into your Shadow Hawk
Jared drops his pen at the end of this episode.
2nd Jared
  • Learn everything and nothing from the GTA V trailer
  • Now PSN Home is gonna matter, right? Right?!?
  • Drown in a desert, only on Playstation
Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.
3rd Jared
  • 2012 will be very, very quiet
  • Clancy's boys are back at it
  • More zombies than your island has room for
4th Jared
  • We only watch for the trailers anyways, Spike
  • Start your war early, get banned early
  • Nintendo sure loves their peripherals
7th Jared
  • So this wasn't really good guerilla marketing?
  • Get your game hacks here!
  • It's like space and time are...leaking
8th Jared
  • So that you don't have to hack the thing anymore
  • It's just a matter of time until Miyamoto crushes this too
  • Nothing like a fresh batch of hate
Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.
9th Jared
  • The alien invasion will have to wait
  • Save Zelda in 2.5D?
  • Duty will call again in 2012
10th Jared
  • Another Konami classic coming to XBLA and PSN?
  • Jak and Daxter HD is really happening
  • Elite is overrun, makes users more elite
Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.
11th Jared
  • Steam hacked
  • Buy Rayman or Beyond Good and Evil gets it!
  • Today everyone moved to Skyrim
Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.
14th Jared
  • Have your privacy invaded on the Wii U
  • PETA is coming after Mario
  • Classic Capcom now on the virtual console
15th Jared
  • PC COD players may never be elite
  • Grabbing your saves like they're riddler statues
  • Cheapy D is everyone's homie
16th Jared
  • Xbox 720 Dev Kits now with devs?
  • In real life, Wii Wright's game will play you
  • PETA called out on shenanigans
17th Jared
  • Whole lotta MW3 moved this week
  • This is how you make gamers be active
  • You can't Ctrl-Z your way out of this one
Jared derpily deletes a game
18th Jared
  • Metal Gear Solid takes a filth tour of duty?
  • Didn't they learn from MW3?
  • Even portable games are doing it now
Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.
21st Jared
  • They should include no sue clauses more often
  • 1, 2, Ralph, George, and Lizzie are coming for you
  • Because they're a great business partner
Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.
22nd Jared
  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 isn't dead yet!
  • 360 Dashboard set to take a great leap forward
  • There you go, putting words in Kojima's mouth
  • Time off, We're taking it.
28th Jared
  • You win this time PS3 owners
  • The pendulum swings for gears
  • New Kinect, same disappointment
  • The stories changed to be in all caps from this episode.
  • Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.
29th Jared
  • Sony training for a title fight?
  • ESRB taking on mobile games
  • Kotick can't control himself
30th Jared
  • Dragon Age 3 myths
  • Dead Space ghost stories
  • Tall tales of the Last Guardian
Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.

December Edit

Date Host Stories Notes Thumbnail
1st Jared
  • Big names missing from PS Vita
  • Bro-fisting squared
  • That's my game, Kenny!
Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.
2nd Jared
  • Valve says Trololololololol
  • You want us to pay for Tetris?
  • Mission One third accomplished
5th Jared
  • Kind of not really saving money
  • You may strike them down.....
  • Minecraft is legos, seriously
6th Jared
  • EA really thought this one out
  • Four times the darkness
  • Walmart rolling back pre-orders
Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.
7th Jared
  • Tony Hawk rides again
  • Good online could solve this
  • Wii The Last Guardian last?
Jared drops his pen at the end of the episode
8th Jared
  • He's not leaving. Ever.
  • Jaffe knows better than Sony
  • Xbox Live has no class
Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.
9th Jared
  • Are the dead rising again?
  • Restraining order for GSC
  • The teases keep coming
Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.
12th Jared
  • Link will stay in motion
  • If you didn't watch the VGAS
  • Let's make up words for titles!
13th Jared
  • Was this just left in the wake?
  • Gamestop did something...nice?
  • Valve's going trololololol!!!
14th Jared
  • Here come the ambassadors
  • Lionhead is looking
  • Lots of Just Cause coming
15th Jared
  • There's an easier way to do this
  • Pay for blood early, get boobs
  • Someone's behind the times
Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.
16th Jared
  • Bioware leaned force grace
  • MW3 shares with its community
  • Sony flips on PS Vita accounts
Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.
19th Jared
  • Sony knows business plans
  • Old republic is a real MMO
  • Vita already fighting for life?
  • Jared notices that he is in front of a new set, and pretends to be surprised.
  • Everyone is a winner, as they took a part from several ideas for the competition. Jared guesses that everyone is a loser really, before doing a pen toss.
20th Jared
  • Sony gets what they feared most
  • Australia bans Syndicate
  • Dreams dropping stateside
Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.
21st Jared
  • Feniix rising in Gears 3
  • FF XIII-2 exclusive 360 DLC
  • Heroes and Hearalds for UMvC3
22nd Jared
  • Get old waiting for Old Republic
  • Humble Bumble is scrooged
  • We're going on holiday
27th Jared
  • Nintendo's on the DLC train
  • Square enix saves 5 million bucks
  • This guy's a douche
  • The opening title says "Hello internet", and the closing says "Get the goods on"
  • Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.
28th Jared
  • That's a big bundle... of money
  • Sonic 4 episode 2 revealed
  • So much for the 'expert' witness
Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.
29th Jared
  • Ep.2 officially announced
  • Mass Effect 3 gets harder
  • Everyone's on vacation
Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.
30th Jared
  • Anonymous about to strike back
  • Wii U more than a console?
  • Episode 2 not for Wii
Jared does a pen toss at the end of this episode.

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