Season 3 and 4 of Death Battle episodes.

Season 3

Episode Title / Link Airdate (First) Airdate (Public) Winner(s) Thumbnail Notes
Dante VS Bayonetta March 14th 2016 (First) March 16th 2016 (Public) Dante
DanteVSBayonetta New Thumbnail
This is the first Season premiere with 3D animation. The episode coincided with the first episode of DBX, Trish VS Jeanne. The sidekicks of the heroes briefly joined in only to continue the fight elsewhere, which was finished in DBX.
Bowser VS Ganon April 3rd 2016 (First) April 6th 2016 (Public) Ganon
BowserVSGanon New Thumbnail
Ratchet & Clank VS Jak & Daxter April 25th 2016 (First) April 27th 2016 (Public) Ratchet & Clank
Ratchet&ClankVSJak&Daxter New Thumbnail
Flash VS Quicksilver May 16th 2016 (First) May 18th 2016 (Public) Flash
FlashVSQuicksilver New Thumbnail
This is the first episode where the version uploaded to Youtube has different music than the original episode.
Joker VS Sweet Tooth June 6th 2016 (First) June 8th 2016 (Public) Joker
JokerVSSweetTooth New Thumbnail
Mewtwo VS Shadow June 29th 2016 (First) July 1st 2016 (Public & Live) Mewtwo
MewtwoVSShadow New Thumbnail
Shadow is the second character to be in two 1 v 1 Death Battles against different opponents. Both Mewtwo and Shadow have fought Vegeta in an episode of Death Battle, although Mewtwo's fight was an April Fools joke. It's also marks the second time to have the same returning combatant lose in both appearances.
Meta VS. Agent Carolina July 31st 2016 (First) August 3rd 2016 (Public) Agent Carolina
MetaVSAgentCarolina New Thumbnail
It's part of an actual Red vs. Blue episode. As such this is the first episode of DEATH BATTLE! to crossover with another series.
Cammy VS. Sonya August 15th 2016 (First) August 17th 2016 (Public) Sonya Blade
CammyWhiteVSSonyaBlade New Thumbnail
Tracer VS. Scout September 5th 2016 (First) September 7th 2016 (Public) Tracer
TracerVSScout New Thumbnail
Ken VS Terry September 26th 2016 (First) September 28th 2016 (Public)

October 5th 2016 (Reupload)

Terry Bogard
KenVSTerry New Thumbnail
Amy Rose VS Ramona Flowers October 17th 2016 (First) October 19th 2016 (Public) Amy Rose
AmyRoseVSRamonaFlowers New Thumbnail
Hulk VS Doomsday November 8th 2016 (First) November 9th 2016 (Public) Doomsday
HulkVSDoomsday New Thumbnail
This is the second episode where the version uploaded to Youtube has different music than the original episode.
Zoro VS Erza November 28th 2016 (First) November 30th 2016 (Public) Roronoa Zoro
ZoroVSErza New Thumbnail
Deadpool VS Pinkie Pie (Marvel VS My Little Pony) December 19th 2016 (First) December 21st 2016 (Public) Draw
DeadpoolVSPinkiePie New Thumbnail
This is the first season finale to feature a sprite-animated battle. Deadpool is the third character to be in two 1 v 1 Death Battles against different opponents. This is also the first season finale to end in a draw.

Season 4

Episode Title / Link Airdate (First) Airdate (Public) Winner(s) Thumbnail Notes
Lara Croft VS. Nathan Drake January 30th 2017 (First) February 1st 2017 (Public) Lara Croft
This is the second Season premiere with 3D animation and This is the first ever Death Battle to use a new looking thumbnail, a new logo and a new analysis design.
Scrooge McDuck VS. Shovel Knight February 27th 2017 (First) March 1st 2017 (Public) Scrooge McDuck
Venom VS. Bane March 21st 2017 (First) March 22nd 2017 (Public) Venom
Power Rangers VS. Voltron April 10th 2017 (First) April 12th 2017 (Public) Voltron
Natsu VS. Ace May 1st 2017 (First) May 3rd 2017 (Public) Natsu Dragneel
Sub-Zero VS. Glacius May 22nd 2017 (First) May 24th 2017 (Public) Sub-Zero
Android 18 VS Captain Marvel June 12th 2017 (First) June 14th 2017 (Public) Android 18
Metal Sonic VS Zero July 3rd 2017 (First) July 5th 2017 (Public) Zero
Metal Sonic is the third character to be in two 1 v 1 Death Battles against different opponents, however, the first episode of Death Battle to feature a returning combatant who was initially a supporting character for one of the main combatants as Metal Sonic was merely introduced as part of Eggman's arsenal.

This is considered a spiritual sequel to Eggman VS Wily, as it features Metal Sonic going against another one of Doctor Wily's creations. This is also the first Death Battle episode to have a returning winner lose.

Lucario VS Renamon July 24th 2017 (First) July 26th 2017 (Public) Lucario
This is the fourth Death Battle to also be a One Minute Melee. This is the second to have the One Minute Melee came first.
Balrog VS TJ Combo August 14th 2017 (First) August 16th 2017 (Public) TJ Combo
The Shredder VS Silver Samurai September 4th 2017 (First) September 6th 2017 (Public) Shredder

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