Season 5 of Death Battle episodes.

Season 5 Edit

Episode Title / Link Airdate (First) Airdate (Public) Winner(s) Thumbnail Notes
Black Panther VS Batman February 5th 2018 (First) February 7th 2018 (Public) Black Panther
This is the first season premiere that features a returning combatant, in this case Batman.

Batman is the fourth character to be in two 1 v 1 Death Battles. This is the first Season Premiere to have a fully original soundtrack to play during the fight. This episode is also the first to play the new Death Battle Theme.

Raven VS Twilight Sparkle February 26th 2018 (First) February 28th 2018 (Public) Raven
This is the second episode to feature hand-drawn animation however in this case, it was only used for Raven's Soul Self, as opposed to the entire fight.
Jotaro VS Kenshiro March 19th 2018 (First) March 21st 2018 (Public) Kenshiro
This is the fifth Death Battle to also be a One Minute Melee. This is the third to have the One Minute Melee came first.
Crash VS Spyro April 9th 2018 (First) April 11th 2018 (Public) Spyro the Dragon
Sora VS Pit April 30th 2018 (First) May 2nd 2018 (Public) Sora
Leon Kennedy VS Frank West May 21st 2018 (First) May 23rd 2018 (Public) Leon Kennedy
LeonVSFrank Updated Thumbnail
Doctor Strange VS Doctor Fate June 11th 2018 (First) June 13th 2018 (Public) Doctor Fate
Ryu VS Jin July 2nd 2018 (First) July 4th 2018 (Public) Ryu
Ryu is the fifth character to be in two 1 v 1 Death Battles. This is the sixth Death Battle to also be a One Minute Melee. This is the fourth to have the One Minute Melee came first.
Samurai Jack VS Afro Samurai July 23rd 2018 (First) July 25th 2018 (Public) Samurai Jack
SamuraiJackVSAfroSamurai Updated Thumbnail
This is the second fight to be traditionally animated.
Carnage VS. Lucy July 13th 2018 (First) July 15th 2018 (Public) Lucy
Optimus Prime VS Gundam September 3rd 2018 (First) September 5th 2018 (Public) Optimus Prime
OptimusPrimeVSGundam Updated Thumbnail
This is the first episode to combine 3D and 2D animation for the fight.
Nightwing VS Daredevil September 24th 2018 (First) September 26th 2018 (Public) Nightwing
This is the 1st live action Death Battle.
Mario VS Sonic (2018) October 15th 2018 (First) October 17th 2018 (Public) Mario
MarioVSSonic (2018)
This is the first reboot in Death Battle.

This is the third episode that has a traditionally animated fight. This is the first time Wiz & Boomstick physically appear in an episode.

Ultron VS Sigma November 5th 2018 (First) November 7th 2018 (Public) Ultron
UltronVSSigma Previous Thumbnail