Let's go check out FUNimation! is a video from 2013.

Let's go check out FUNimation!
Upload Date May 23rd 2013
Hosts Lauren
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

The camera pans around FUNimation, and Lauren jumps up and down. Lauren is hosting, and they are doing a tour of FUNimation. Lauren interviews Justin Rojas, the Senior Manager, Social Strategy and Development.

Justin shows the old Dragon Ball Z promo materials from 1994 with signatures of the cast. He shows a large Vegita poster which is screaming at everyone who walks past it. They show the mail room. They do live action material as well.

They show an Alphon that they show at conventions. So many people lift up the loincloth. They show the merchandise area.

The move to the marketing department. They have various trophy items. They have all 7 dragon balls. Justin doesn't want the dragon balls to scatter! They head into the room where they give away prizes. They want to have a fan go in for a ten second shopping spree. Lauren wants to do that! She does, and show off what she got.

They show their subtitle department. A lot of them are really difficult, as they have a small window of time to do it. They show the motion graphics department. Lauren loves the chalk wall, and she wants one for ScrewAttack.

They show the advertising department. They get stuff from Japan, and readvertise it, as the markets have different ways to advertise.

Justin shows off the room they use for the Funimation show. Goku is sitting in the back of the room. He usually isn't in the room. They show the encoding room.

They have one of the largest catalogs in one place. They do so much work with third parties, that they build their companies around them including Sony! Funimation will be at SGC.

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