Let's Play is a show on GameAttack. It works similarly to Four Play, being a "let's play" style show, but with various members of the crew and occasionally special guests. It also includes Shaun showing off his best and funniest moments in the games he is currently playing.

Let's Play launched alongside GameAttack in October 2016.

List of episodes Edit

Title Video Date Hosts Thumbnail
Modern Warfare Remastered Video October 10th 2016 Craig, Shaun, Parker
Let's Play - Modern Warfare Remastered Part 2 Video October 11th 2016 Craig, Shaun, Parker
Let's Play Mafia 3: Let's Murder People Video October 14th 2016 Craig, Shaun, Bryan
Let's Play Amazing Frog with Achievement Hunter Video October 18th 2016 Chad, Sam, Michael (AH), Gavin (AH)
Funny Mafia 3 Glitches & Highlights Video October 21st 2016 Craig, Shaun, Bryan
Let's Play WWE 2K17 - THE MATCH OF THE CENTURY! Video October 25th 2016 Craig, Shaun, Bryan
Outlast 2: Craig's a Big Scared Baby Video October 28th 2016 Craig, Shaun
Let's Play Battlefield 1 with Achievement Hunter vs Funhaus Video October 31st 2016 Craig, Shaun, Nick, Chad, Bryan, Sam
FUNNY BATTLEFIELD 1 GLITCHES & HIGHLIGHTS Video November 4th 2016 Craig, Shaun
Let's Play: Amazing Frog? - Fuck Ups & Farts Video November 4th 2016 Craig, Shaun
Let's Play AMAZING FROG - The Quest for Mount Froggidora Video November 5th 2016 Craig, Shaun
Let's Play Super Mario Maker: Craig's THE BEST Video November 8th 2016 Craig, Shaun, Parker
Can You Beat Craig? Let's Play Shu Video November 10th 2016 Craig, Shaun, Parker
Guts and Glory Video November 13th 2016 Craig, Shaun
Let's Play Super Rad Raygun: The GameBoy LIVES! Video November 17th 2016 Craig, Shaun
The Sandbox Evolution: WE DESTROY CRAIG Video November 17th 2016 Craig, Shaun
Genital Jousting: The Most Inappropriate Game Ever Made?? Video November 18th 2016 Craig, Shaun, Chad, Parker, Sam Due to Fandom's ToU, we are not allowed to have this thumbnail on the wiki. Please do not re-upload it.
Let's Play the NES Classic - Super Mario Bros 3 Video November 20th 2016 Craig, Shaun
Let's Play the NES Classic - Super Mario Bros 3 (Part 2) Video November 21st 2016 Craig, Shaun
BOLEN IS A BATTLEFIELD 1 GOD! Video November 24th 2016 Craig, Shaun
Super Mario Maker: Bolen's THE WORST Video November 29th 2016 Craig, Shaun, Bryan
Let's Play Overcooked with The Know Video December 1st 2016 Chad, Shaun, Ashley (The Know), Ryan (The Know), Sam, Craig
Let's Play Sanrio World Smash Ball! with Achievement Hunter Video December 2nd 2016 Chad, Sam, Matt (AH), Jack (AH)
Bolen's Man Crush | Mario Kart 8 Battle Mode with Kinda Funny

Trivia: The first part of this was a Four Play episode.

Video December 3rd 2016 Craig, Shaun, Tim (KF), Greg (KF)
Let's Play the NES Classic - Super Mario Bros 2 Video December 4th 2016 Craig, Shaun, John, Gerardo

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