Leads is an episode of Newsroom.

Upload Date August 14th 2012
Hosts Jared, Lauren
Series Newsroom


Synopsis Edit

Jared is typing on his laptop when Lauren enters and asks him what he is working on. He quickly shuts his laptop. He says he is working on a news article, and when Lauren asks what about, Jared calls her out for being nosey. Lauren says that it is hard to not hate him sometimes.

Jared apologizes, and tells her that the last time he was pressured to do something, he was kicked out of the army. He's working on a personal topic. Lauren guesses that it is about Sony cancelling the PS4, but Jared says they don't want him talking about that so soon. After seeing how successful the Vita was doing, the representative got drunk. Lauren states that the Vita was tanking, and Jared says that that is why he got drunk.

After being asked about the Rareware lead, Jared was told that they woke up from nap time, and Muppets Babies was about to come on. Lauren asks about the games they have been working on. Jared asked Rareware, and they gave him a confused look.

Lauren asks him what he is working on, and Jared says she will see it when he's done. Lauren gives up, and takes the laptop off him, and pushes his head away! It is revealed that Jared is reporting on the 'Internet's Sexiest Gaming Journalist identified as Jared Knabenbauer'! Jared states that it will be huge for his Linkedin profile.