Craig's disgusting pens ruin Lauren and Sam's day.

Upload Date May 2013
Hosts Lauren, Sam
Series Advantage Content


Synopsis Edit

Something terrible happened while Sam and Lauren were working on the Metro: Last Light review. They borrowed one of Craig's pens... which he had been chewing on... for MONTHS. This is the never-before-heard audio recording of the torment they endured... The recovered audio has been roughly enhanced for you to hear the horror...

Since there is no video, there is an animation of the events that unfolded.

Sam reads through the script, while Sam claps the pens to check the audio. The pen splits open and Craig's spit comes out. They both freak out. Lauren and Sam run out of the room. They both feel like they are going to throw up. Sam comments that it was a horrible experience. Lauren took a minute to realize what was happening. Lauren demands that Sam use soap.

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