Lauren loves her XMAS present from g1 Echoes is a video from 2013.

Lauren loves her XMAS present from g1 Echoes
Upload Date January 12th 2013
Hosts Bryan, Lauren, Ben, Nick, Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Lauren received a gift from g1 Echoes. It is a CD with cats singing Christmas carols! It is called "Cat's meow Christmas". She is about to listen to it for the first time. Lauren reads through the song list, and all the songs have cat related puns in the titles. Lauren is laughing. Craig joins the rest of the group.

They play the first song, and Lauren starts laughing and crying! Craig laughs and leaves. Craig returns with Lauren's poster from Newsroom. Lauren laughs when she sees it. They change to the next song. Lauren continues to laugh and cry, and tells Craig to get the poster away. Nick complains that there are dogs in there too, and one cat that has one note to stuff up.

Craig returns with a picture of Lauren's cat Olivia. They play another song, and Lauren starts to snort and laugh. Craig dances behind her. Lauren wants to play this in her car! Nick complains about how autotuned this is. Lauren is so excited for this, and thinks that her cat will freak out over this! Craig sarcastically says thank you to Echoes.

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