LA Noire - It's All in the Eyes
Upload Date some time in 2010
Hosts Jared (Edward Kalou), Bryan (coolhan?), Nick (as Phelps)
Series Random Awesomeness


LA Noire - It's All in the Eyes is a video from 2010.

Synopsis Edit

Edward Kalou (Jared) is sitting in the interrogation room. Coolhan (Bryan) tells Phelps (Nick) that he will be fine in there. Phelps knows that this is the guy. Coolhan tells him to press him hard and catch him in his own lives. Coolhan tells him to watch his face. he will know when Kalou is lying.

Phelps introduces himself. Edward interrupts him saying that he knows who they are. He knows more than Phelps could comprehend. Phelps asks him about the case, and asks him if he was there. Kalou says he was out of town that night. Phelps tries to see if he is lying, but Kalou uses a weird face. Phelps asks if he is lying. Phelps is confused.

He continues pushing and asking more questions. His gun was found at the murder site. Kalou says that his gun was kept when she kicked him out. Kalou uses another horrifying facial expression. Phelps asks Coolhan if he is lying. Coolhan has no idea.

Phelps tries to get him to admit it. Kalou twists his body around, and asks if Phelps can prove it. Phelps can't. He tells Kalou to leave. Coolhan consoles Phelps for his failed case. He asks for the burn victim to come in. His face is completely covered! Phelps is annoyed.

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