Kid Icarus Fan Film 2: The Reckoning is a Clip of the Week from 2012, and is the sequel to the Kid Icarus Fan Film.

Kid Icarus Fan Film 2: The Reckoning
Cast Ben (as Pit), Nick (as Dark Pit), Lauren (as Medusa), Chad (as Eggplant Wizard), Craig (as Ryu), Jared, Drake, Bryan
Intro Host Bryan
Upload Date March 17th 2012
Clip / Ad none

Synopsis Edit

The title Kid Icarus 2: The Reckoning is typed onto the screen. Pit (Ben) is drunk and is talking to a snake. Jared is playing Street Fighter in the background. Pit apologizes for murdering the snake's family. Medusa (Lauren) walks past, and Jared offends her. She petrifies him. Medusa takes the snake, and Pit wants her to bring him back.

Pit flies through the sky to save the name. The Eggplant Wizard starts throwing eggplants at him. Pit shoots an arrow back and tells him to stop it, but the Eggplant Wizard deflects the arrows and continues shooting eggplants. Pit is hit by one of the eggplants and lands in front of the wizard. Dark Pit (Nick) runs in with a sword and breaks it over the Eggplant Wizard, who falls to the ground and dies. Dark Pit wants to help Pit save the world. Pit dismisses him, as Dark Pit betrays Pit at the end.

Pit walks down a corridor and sees Bryan. Pit shoots Bryan with an arrow, and Bryan falls to the ground. However, he recovers, as arrows have no effect. Pit shoots him and Bryan explodes.

Pit bursts into the room with Medusa demanding the snake back. She is bored, and steals his arrows, Pit wants them back. She throws a snake at Pit, and Dark Pit catches it and dies (Nick takes off the eyepatch to scratch his eye, and puts it back on).

Pit fires a snake back at Medusa, who also dies. Pit cheers in victory. A snake advances towards Pit, and is knocked away by Ryu (Craig). He Hurricane Kicks away, and Pit waves goodbye to him.

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