Kid Icarus Fan Film is a Clip of the Week from 2010.

Kid Icarus Fan Film
Cast Ben (as Pit), Chad (as Eggplant Wizard), Ryan (as Death), Craig (as Ryu from Street Fighter), Bryan, Destin (Sound FX apparently
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date some time in 2010
Clip / Ad Mega Man Fan Film

Synopsis Edit

Ben can't show the clip because it is a 94 minute long fan film. Ben found this fan film on YouTube that they had nothing to do with! This clip is deliberately made badly.

Title card (written on cardboard): Kid Icarus - Angel Land Story (the S is Icarus is backwards).

Pit (Ben) is running away by a snake. Someone is holding up a snake to the camera, and then throws it at Pit. Palentena (a cardboard cutout of a model voiced by Craig) appears to help Pit save the world. She gives him a bow and arrows (it is actually a gun).

The snake returns, and Ben shoots it and it dies. Pit doesn't know what to do. The Eggplant Wizard (Chad) appears and tells him to go up into the sky to save Angel World. Chad is wearing a purple cloak, and is holding an eggplant. Pit leaves, and the camera pans to Chad's face, and then the eggplant.

Pit is shooting wildly, and kills Bryan twice. The snake returns and Pit shoots it, and then rips it in half and throws it away. Pit finds a pot. He kicks it to break it, which reveals the snake again, which he shoots.

Death appears and is pacing. Chad is heard calling Ben in, and Bryan can be seen in the background. Death is here to kill Pit. Pit tries to shoot Death, but Death reflects the shots with his axe. Death then hits Pit with the axe, and Pit falls to the ground. Ryu does a haidouken to knock out Death.

The credits roll. They are made out of cardboard. The cast sing the theme song.

Death is lying on the ground. The eggplant wizard places an eggplant by his head.

End credits Edit

Kid Icarus - Angel Land Story

Ben Singer as Pit

Chad James as Eggplant Wizard

Ryan Stout as Death

Craig Skitstimas as Ryu

Craig pulls up the model, and then takes it away because it is the wrong one.

Camera: Bryan Baker

Stunts: Jose Mejia

Written by: Improv

Sound FX: Destin's Mouth

The End (there are also pictures of clouds with the word clouds and an arrow pointing to the clouds. There is also a smiley face.)

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