Justin Wong vs Craig and Tom is a video from 2008.

Justin Wong vs Craig and Tom
Upload Date MAGFest 2008
Hosts Craig, Tom
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig has found the biggest Street Fighter player in the world. Justin Wong started playing since he was 12, and is 22 now. Justin lists the championships he has won, including the World Championships. He earns $35,000 each year from prize money. He also plays Poker!

ScrewAttack wants to compete against Justin. Craig fights against Justin. It was insanity. Craig describes it as hitting a tornado, and not knowing what happened! Justin says that Craig put up a good fight - with his one hit! Craig wants to go 2 out of 3.

Craig puts his controller down half way through the match! Tom plays. Justin plays as Q. Justin tells Craig that he needs an arcade stick to become a professional at Street Fighter. It was the controller's fault that Craig lost!

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