Jose Betrayed Us in a CoD 4 Tournament! is a video from 2008.

Jose Betrayed Us in a CoD 4 Tournament!
Upload Date some time in 2008
Hosts Tom, Jose, Mickey, Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Team ScrewAttack, which is Tom and several g1s against Jose, the traitor. Jose abandoned these guys, so Tom will step up to beat Jose. Jose explains what kind of players he has on his team.

Round 1 begins. Tom likes how he kills somebody. Team ScrewAttack wins easily. They didn't even try! Mickey was even giving Tom a massage.

Round 2 starts. Mickey tries to put Jose off by thrusting and tickling Jose's head. He even tries giving Jose a wet willy! Jose wins the second match. It was too easy.

Team ScrewAttack is in the finals. They are taking Jose down! ScrewAttack discuss tactics, and Jose tries to listen in, and they push him away.

The two teams play each other in the final. Tom taunts Jose. Team Traitor wins. Tom and Jose confront each other. Craig asks Jose how it feels to win a trophy while being a traitor. Mickey punches Jose in the nuts. The punch was for all the g1s who were betrayed.

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