Jose's Sharpie 'Stache is a video from 2010.

Jose's Sharpie 'Stache
Upload Date some time around August 20th 2010
Hosts Craig, Chad, Corey, Jose, Ben, Destin
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

After losing the Candy Eating Challenge, Jose needs to do his punishment. This involves getting a sharpie monocle, with a string that goes behind the ear, and speak the entire day using an English accent, ending every sentence with "Miiyah!"

Jose hasn't arrived at the HQ yet, and he doesn't know that today is the day. Craig and Chad inform Jose of his punishment, and he prepares for it by taking off his glasses. However, he doesn't want to do it with an actual sharpie. Craig draws the monocle and sharpie on Jose's face, and the Myaw-o-meter begins counting.

They go out to lunch, and Jose orders his lunch. He keeps on laughing while he makes his order and myawing. The others are giggling behind him. Jose has to tell the waiter that he lost a bet, and tries to hide the sharpie on his face. Jose hates the fact that he has to do this in front of other people.

The mustache begins to come off, so he needs to get a new one. Corey gets the honor of drawing on his face. Craig says that he has been trying to be nice, and originally he used a marker rather than a sharpie. Since it keeps coming off and he's been slacking on the myaw's, they are actually going to use a sharpie this time.

Jose yells at Ben for laughing because he had to wear a speedo. Ben adds that he had to wear a Peach outfit as well. Craig continues to put the mustache on his face. Jose tries to wash it off , but he can't, and Craig reveals that the last time, they used a real sharpie.

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