This article is for an episode of The Industry. For the character from The Desk of Death Battle, see Jocelyn the Intern.

Jocelyn the Intern??? is an episode of The Industry.

Jocelyn the Intern???
Upload Date October 9th 2015
Hosts Nick, Gerardo, Sam, Lisa Foils (as Jocelyn), Shaun, Chad (as Boomstick)
Series The Industry


Synopsis Edit

Sam, Gerardo and Nick are talking to Jocelyn the Intern. Shaun enters and asks the group what's happening. Sam replies that Jocelyn finally showed her face. Shaun explains that Jocelyn is not a real person, that she is Lisa Foils. The guys tell Shaun that she is right here in front of them.

Shaun points out that this is a mannequin. Shaun knows that Jocelyn isn't real, because he watches Sam write The Desk of Death Battle. He tells Jocelyn that she isn't real. Jocelyn asks Shaun to explain what he means by the word real. Shaun is confused by Jocelyn talking. Sam explains that Jocelyn puts her own spin on it.

Shaun wants Jocelyn to acknowledge him talking to her. Jocelyn says random lines from the show. Shaun can see a sensor on her shoulder. She asks if Shaun wants to be her friend. Nick would love to be Jocelyn's friend!

Shaun is getting angry. Nick compliments Jocelyn. Shaun tries to reason with Sam. The guys laugh when Jocelyn say that Wiz and Boomstick are assholes. Nick wants Jocelyn to break through the tough attitudes of Wiz and Boomstick, and holds her hand.

Shaun cracks, stating that she doesn't even have skin! Shaun wants Jocelyn to raise her arm. She can't do that. Shaun shoves her, and the other guys defend her. Shaun pushes the guys out of the way. He grabs Jocelyn, and Nick begs for Shaun to not hurt her.

Jocelyn's legs fall off, and Nick yells at Shaun! He rips off her arm as Nick screams. Shaun pulls out a baseball bat and threatens to hit the guys as he yells. Sam tries to get Shaun to put the bat down. Shaun puts the bat on Jocelyn's shoulder before hitting her head off. Nick, Gerardo and Sam are upset.

Lisa is shown in her recording booth, watching the footage from a laptop. She is shocked by Shaun's reaction and calls them psychos. Shaun is proud of himself, and Nick hits him with a leg.

Jocelyn ends the video, as Boomstick calls wanting a pizza.

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