Jocelyn the Intern is a fictional character voiced by Lisa Foiles in The Desk of Death Battle.

History of the character Edit

Jocelyn was originally created as a fictional character in the first episode of Sidescrollers, along with the fictional producer Andy, in order to make the show look bigger than it actually was.

Every now and then, in random videos, forums and blogs, Jocelyn would be referenced as being an intern working on something, including in the Illegal Downloading Clip of the Week, where she blew up when trying to steal Craig's hat.

Jocelyn was finally given a voice in The Desk of Death Battle, where she was voiced by Lisa Foiles in 2015.

Jocelyn is finally seen in the episode of The Industry called "Jocelyn the Intern???". She appears as a red haired manikin, who says random lines from episodes of The Desk of Death Battle. After Shaun destroys the manikin, it is revealed that Jocelyn is (just) Lisa Foiles in a cupboard, voicing lines to the crew. Shaun is the only member of ScrewAttack to see through the manikin disguise.

Trivia Edit

  • It is rumored that Jocelyn was used by Craig and Tom to advertise their site on various forums.