Jared's Never used a SNES Game Genie?!? is a video from 2011.

Jared's Never used a SNES Game Genie?!?
Upload Date some time in 2011
Hosts Craig, Jared, Chad
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig introduces everyone to the ScrewAttack couch to explain that Jared never had a Game Genie growing up. They will be playing three SNES games.

They begin with Donkey Kong Country. The first code is for the "Mega Jump for Donkey Kong". Jared tries to jump, and it freezes the game! Everyone laughs, and Craig doesn't know what to do. Chad turns the game genie off, and DK jumps normally. Chad turns it back on again, and the game freezes again! They all laugh.

They move on to F-Zero. Jared has never beaten it. This is the "Unlimited Turbo Boost" and "Always finish first". Jared races. Jared doesn't understand why he is in first, when he is behind everyone else! Jared is confused and annoyed. Jared loses all his health, and he deliberately crashes into the wall to see if he would still win. He loses! He is like 3 yards from the finish line!

They move onto Mega Man X. They use "Space Jump", "Fast weapon charge" and "One shot kill". Chad wants to see the space jump underwater. Mega Man jumps high around the screen, and they enjoy watching Mega Man jump under the water. Jared asks if there is a code that can allow him to beat the game without someone turning it off!

Jared beats the boss. Craig asks to do a speed run of this game with the codes. Jared asks if Craig will be in the room. Craig says he will be, so Jared declines. Craig really likes to see Jared fail!

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