Japanese Weirdness is a Clip of the Week from 2008.

Japanese Weirdness
Cast Nick
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date some time in 2008
Clip / Ad some Japanese game for Nintendo DS

Synopsis Edit

Nick is playing some Japanese SNES games. He starts with a game called 1999, which was made in 1992, mentions something from 1995 and made by Coconuts. Then some guy appears on the screen. Another character with a big nose appears on the screen. This is followed by four exploding cars with people flying out. Nick chooses an option and has no idea what he chose.

In the game he is driving a car on a board, which is followed by a picture of a house on fire. Nick can't read Japanese, but he sees that there is a 48 Yen on the screen. Nick can't do anything.

In the next game, Nick is drawing lines on the screen, and has no idea what they mean. The help menu doesn't help, because Nick can't read it. He extends the line over to the lake.

In Flappy, he sees a chicken and a rhinoceros. Nick controls the character off of the first 'platform' but it doesn't fall. He then realizes that the camera is above the character, rather than in line with it.

In the next game, the character walks to the next screen, only to be attacked by a million enemies. Nick runs back to the previous screen and presses B to make words appear on the screen. He then goes back to the screen with the enemies, and they are all gone.

Nick plays a Tom Sawyer game, which is a shoot-em-up game on a river. Nick tries to see what the A button does, which prompts Tom to jump off the raft. Nick is angry. He is then killed by a fish.

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